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    7 hours, 17 minutes ago

    Hey @bryony-ingram, I know exactly how you feel. After I had my son, he just wanted to feed all the time and I felt like I had to get everything in the house done and I felt awful about myself. Even now he\'s older and can entertain himself, I still don\'t get much done tbh. I tidy downstairs and do little jobs while his daddy is giving him a bath in the evening, but there\'s always jobs that need doing that I just don\'t have the energy to do! When I see posts on social media saying that mums do all this housework all day, I\'m like \'how?!\'. Maybe you could sit down with your partner and write down jobs that each of you can do each day, maybe like 20 mins of chores each? So you know who can do what and when. And then make a tick list or something. It will help to organise your thoughts as well. A lot of people struggle with body image too after having a baby, I certainly have! You\'re doing a fabulous job at just being a mum, no one is super mum and no one is perfect at all xx

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    Bryony Ingram posted an update in the group Young Mum

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    Hi I\'ve just joined as I wanted to talk to some people who will hopefully understand. I am 18 and I have a 10 month old daughter who I love with all my heart, I live with my partner and I\'m really struggling with keeping my house together which I know sounds small but it is causing so many problems between us and I just don\'t feel like I\'m being what a mum should be all these posts and videos say how mums are amazing and they can keep the house clean and look after baby and basically be superwoman but I feel like I don\'t do all of this and my boyfriend does help out and he works full time I\'m only part time. I just feel like when I get 5 minutes peace I want to actually relax I don\'t have the motivation to get up and clean, I\'ve also gained a lot of weight since having my daughter and I basically just hate myself and I feel like my boyfriend does too even though he doesn\'t I just can\'t see why he would want to be with me

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