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You’re only 2 people away from achieving your dreams

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Jayde explains her new tactic for meeting the people who can help her achieve what she wants.

Here’s what Jayde says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Something that was said to me [recently] was really powerful and they said to me that…

Where you see yourself or whatever you want to achieve — you’re only 2 to 3 people away from it.

So if you wanna be the Prime Minister – and I’m telling you there’s nothing wrong with being the Prime Minister – you’re only 2 to 3 people away from that.

So, with me, I’m saying that I wanna be the UK’s leading young mum representative and for other young mums they may want that as well.

Or they may look at me and be like, ‘But you don’t have the best grades Jayde,’ ‘But you haven’t had the best life Jayde’.

But because I know I’m only 1 to 2 people away from that…

Use the resources around you.

So for me, having BT or Talk Talk at home is quite expensive, especially on the, let’s say, the benefits that we receive, there’s no way you’re gonna be able to have Sky and internet in your household.

But if I’m saying to you that you’re only 2 to 3 people away from the person that you wanna meet — whether that’s the president, whether that’s the Queen, whether that’s the mayor – go to McDonald’s.

That sounds literally funny — like, I’m not going to McDonald’s — but go to McDonald’s, there is free wifi.

Find out, who is it that I need to speak to?

If you wanna be in Parliament, if you wanna be a representative of a company, if you wanna work for a top law firm, or if you wanna go to the best university but you don’t know who to speak to, go
to McDonald’s.

I believe KFC has free wifi — there’s a lot of places that have free wifi.

And even if you stand there and you research, ‘how do I meet this person?’ or ‘what’s the email of this person?’

And funnily enough, if you say to yourself alright, I really wanna do this — and you then sit down and say, I wanna meet this person or I’m gonna meet that person, get their emails.

If there’s events, go on Eventbrite and see the free events that are going on because networking is very important.

If you’re a young mother you don’t have to be [just] ‘a young mother’.

Being young is not just age — you could be 65 and be young — young in mindset, immature…

So get rid of ‘young mum’.

It’s just you’ve had the baby at a very small age.

You’ve had a baby at an age which is ‘un-normal’ to others.

But just because you’re a young mum doesn’t mean you can’t network, doesn’t mean that you can’t be the best or you can’t meet the best people.

You’re only 1 to 2 to 3 people away from that.

So it’s very easy to access people – it’s extremely easy to access people that you wanna meet.

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