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28 weeks pregnant at 19: my young mum story

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Introducing Charlotte, our new blogger at Little Lullaby and a young mum who is 28 weeks pregnant! Read Charlotte’s story throughout the weeks on our blog.

Well seeing as this is my first blog I shall let you know a bit about me and my situation. I am Charlotte and found out I was pregnant when I was 18. To me and my partner this came about as a bit of a shock as we were not planning to have a child — not as soon as this anyway!

Being both 18 at the time — I am now 19 — we felt very confused as to what to do.

Our biggest fear, as most probably was yours, was telling our parents. However when we finally plucked up the courage when I was 12 weeks pregnant we were pleasantly surprised with our parents and grandparents reactions who were calm, happy for us and supportive.

I suffered rather bad morning sickness up until about 20 weeks and me and my partner went through a rough patch in our relationship for a few weeks, however we were able to work through this and have come to the conclusion that we were both probably stressed and concerned as to how we were going to provide for the child when she was here.

We both work part time in the evening and luckily my partner recently got a full time job working nights at Sainsbury’s — although this has been hard to adjust to we have been grateful that he had worked hard to get the job.

At our 20 week scan we found out we were having a little girl who we are going to call Imogen.

That Christmas, we decided that we had to move out. Living half the week at one set of parents and the remaining half at the others we were never settled and my natural instinct also told me that I would not want to move our child around in this manner as it would be unsettling for the child.  Plus a desire we both had was to raise our child in our own house and be our own family.

Parents were also starting to interfere – although looking back I think people were just trying to help but the strain it had on our relationship was too much as we were arguing over things which were not our fault. We had a few viewings booked for houses however the first house we viewed we fell in love with. With the rent only £750 for a three bed house with a garden and garage we were very happy at the thought of moving out.

In February we moved in! Took a lot of planning and organising but we got there eventually. Cleaning and decorating took a lot longer than we had planned so the house is still not sorted out now. We have a bed in place and that’s about it!

Everything is still in boxes, bags or over the floor – the only fully functional rooms are bathroom and kitchen, but at the end of the day we are happy.

I had applied to college so I could go to university to train as a midwife and went to my interview to discuss course options and I was accepted on the course. I am really looking forward to starting in September as I will be on my way to eventually achieving my goal. My partner supports me in this decision and is excited about the time he will be able to spend alone with our child when I am at college.

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This blog was originally published on Bubbalicious.co.uk in September 2011.