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29 weeks pregnant and thinking about home birth

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Introducing Charlotte, a young mum and our blogger here at Little Lullaby! Read how Charlotte found out she was pregnant at 18 and follow her adventures here on our blog!

Hi all! Well I am a bit more settled in my new home now — finally have a dining room table! I recently found out I was entitled to income support which was a bit of an extra hand to me and my partner as he works 7 days a week at 2 jobs — and it was getting all a little bit too much. He gives up his cleaning job this Friday so I will be working by myself.

PLUS! We have pretty much everything in place for our daughter who is to arrive in about 11 weeks so we are going to put some money aside into savings for her.

I haven’t been feeling too good lately — very down and upset over nothing. Gets to me a little bit and sometimes it gets in the way of me and my partner. Luckily we had a proper chat about how I was feeling last night and it has helped me to realise that I just need to talk about things as it really helped. 🙂

Had rib pain on and off and leg ache – the joys! But she moves around constantly in my belly feels likes she is dancing sometimes! My partner felt her moves properly for the first time last night and he seems utterly amazed by it!

It seems sometimes that dads-to-be are sometimes left out in pregnancy and everything focused on the women so it was lovely know that he feels involved as he felt her move – makes it all that bit more real for him. 🙂

I had decided at the beginning of my pregnancy that I would be having a hospital birth — no question about it, besides it’s what you assume most women do!

However as I read more and more about women’s birth experiences I felt more and more scared about the possible intervention that might be encouraged if I was in hospital. After some extensive research and talking to my partner we both agreed a home birth would be lovely – besides we live within 5 minutes of the hospital in case there was an emergency.

Part of the reason I also wanted to have a home birth was that it guarantees I can use a birthing pool as at my hospital there are only two!

From what I have read I understand that there are quite different views on home births – by women and professionals alike so had prepared myself for a battle with my midwife but she was great and thought it a good idea. Guess I’m just lucky!

Anyone had a home birth? Or are you expecting and what are your views on home birth vs. hospital birth?

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This blog was originally published on Bubbalicious.co.uk in September 2011.