Teen Mom UK star Naomi EXCLUSIVE vlog: 3 big ambitions
Little Lullaby

Teen Mom UK star Naomi vlogs for us! “My 3 biggest ambitions…”

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Naomi Konickova from Teen Mom UK vlogs for Little Lullaby on her 3 biggest ambitions and how she plans on achieving every one of them — this girl dreams big!

Here’s what Naomi says in the video if you can’t watch it…

So my first goal would be to get a house. I have gotten opportunities before to get a council house that’s paid for by the council or whatever, but I just wanna prove everyone wrong really – I just wanna show them that I’m not that typical stereotype and I do work hard and I have gotten this all by myself.

And I just wanna be able to say that. So, getting a house is a must — I need to do that.

My second one would be to get a stable job and which is doing something that I really love doing, which is make-up. So, yeah I wanna be a make-up artist. But I don’t just wanna be that, I wanna do so many other things, not just make-up.

I don’t mind going into fashion, blogging, YouTube-ing, make-up artist and just everything really. So, I’ve got very high dreams… [laughs] maybe one day!

Third thing would be to get a car because taking Kyanna on buses and public transport and trains is just a mess – she hates it so much and it just stresses me out, so yeah definitely get a car.

And I just feel like a lot of people think we’re limited because of that stereotype, like we have kids and we can’t do things that we used to do. That is not true at all because since I’ve had Kyanna, I’ve just… I still go out all the time. I still go out maybe once every two weeks with my friends, just to have a little drink or whatever, to catch up.

But I feel like ’cause I am a mum, that responsibility just takes that over. But I do still see my friends a lot, and I’m not limited to anything. Like if I wanna go travel the world, I could go travel the world – I’ll just take Kyanna with me.

So, I can still do things that I really wanna do. You can’t stop me just because I’ve had a baby young. It doesn’t stop me at all. If anything it just motivates me to really do good for myself. So I
don’t feel like it’s stopping me whatsoever.

I can still do everything I wanna do. I just have a little companion with me at all times!

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