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4 yummy dinners that cost less than £1 per portion

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby
Healthy meals for under £1 - lasagne
Image credit: Miguel Barclay/One Pound Meals

Who said delicious food has to cost a load of money? All of these meals are cheaper than your average ready meal.

We’ve worked out the cost of each ingredient based on how much they cost in two of the cheapest supermarkets; you don’t have to buy the exact version that we’ve bought, but if you get the value brand from your normal supermarket then you should end up spending about the same as us.

So everyone wins!

1. Lasagne: 91p

Chef Miguel’s £1 meals Instagram makes us hungry every time we look at it — and all his meals can be made for less than £1!

In this recipe for his lasagne, he even tells you how much each ingredient will cost and where to get it from. Can’t. Wait.


2. Cheesy tuna bake: 61p per person

This tasty cheesy bake with tuna will feed 2-3 people and costs just £1.22 for the whole thing!

You can make your own cheese sauce or buy a mix in a packet, but if you make it yourself then it will work out cheaper in the long-run once you have all of the ingredients. We’ve worked out the cost of this recipe based on making the cheese sauce yourself.

For the pasta:

  • 1 tin of tuna: 62p (from Lidl)
  • 160g dry pasta: 9p (9p for 500g from Lidl)
  • 170g frozen peas: 12p (79p for 1kg from Asda — you could also use frozen sweetcorn or mixed veg)
  • A knob of cheese for grating on top: 7p (£1.62 for 385g from Asda)

For the cheese sauce:

  • 35g mature cheddar cheese, grated: 14p (£1.62 for 385g from Asda)
  • 1tbsp butter or margarine: less than a penny (75p for 500g from Lidl)
  • 1tbsp plain flour: less than a penny (45p for 1.5kg from Lidl)
  • 225ml milk: 17p (44p for 1 pint from Lidl)
  • Pinch of pepper (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas 4.
  2. Start cooking the pasta for according to the packet instructions.
  3. If you’re making the cheese sauce, start by melting the butter in a saucepan on medium heat. (If you’re making cheese sauce from a packet mix, follow the instructions and then skip to step 6!)
  4. Add the flour and cook for 1 minute, making sure to keep stirring it for the whole minute so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.
  5. Take the saucepan off the heat, then add the milk a little at a time, stirring it each time. Put it back on the heat until it boils, still stirring it, and then turn down the heat so it simmers for 2 minutes.
  6. Take the pan off the heat again, then add the cheese and stir until all the cheese has melted.
  7. Add some pepper if you like (optional).
  8. In a baking dish, mix the cheese sauce with the cooked pasta and add the frozen peas.
  9. Grate the rest of the cheese on top.
  10. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

3. Chicken chow mein: 81p

Why spend money on a takeaway when you can make this delicious chow mein for less than a quid? It’s also a lot healthier, and it uses chicken thighs, which are a lot cheaper than chicken breast.

If you’re veggie or just want to make the recipe even cheaper, you could leave out the chicken.

? 81p CHICKEN CHOW MEIN ? (recipe created by @miguel_barclay) —————- recipe ————— Pan fry a deboned chicken thigh until crispy. Fry garlic, onion & green pepper with dried chillies. Add sliced chicken and crack an egg into the pan. Then add the cooked noodles, soy sauce and a splash of sesame oil. ————– ingredients ———– – 1 chicken thigh: 29p (7 thighs/£1.99 Lidl) – 1/2 onion: 4p (1kg/59p Tesco) – 1/2 green pepper: 13p (3/79p Lidl) – 1 sheet dried noodles: 18p (3/52p Lidl) – 1 eggs 6p (15eggs/£1 Lidl) – clove of garlic: 3p (1 bulb/30p Tesco) – splash of soy sauce approx 3p – splash of sesame oil approx 3p – a few chilli flakes approx 2p —————————————– #onepoundmeals #chinese #chicken #chowmein #noodles #recipe #onepoundmealsbook

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4. Sausage casserole: 57p per portion

This sausage casserole recipe is super easy and costs just £2.28 for 4 portions. Oh, and it’s incredibly yummy…

If there’s just 2 or 3 of you to feed, you could pop the spare portions in the fridge and then have them for lunch the next day, or freeze them and eat them another time.

Here’s how we worked out the price:

  • 1tbsp oil: 3p (£1.09 for 1L from Asda)
  • 500g baby potatoes: 39p (79p for 1kg from Lidl)
  • 454g pack sausages: 85p (8 pack from Lidl)
  • 1 onion, sliced: 5p (89p for 1kg from Lidl)
  • 1 green pepper, chopped: 50p (from Asda)
  • 340g tomato pasta sauce: 46p (64p for 500g from Asda)

You can find out how to make it on the Good To Know website.

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Prices for each meal are based on quoted costs on mysupermarket.co.uk in November 2016.