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Little Lullaby

Five fun Christmas crafts to do with kids

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Handmade decorations laid out on table
Keep little hands busy this month by making these Christmassy crafts. It’s a chance to get messy, encourage creativity and they’re great for little family presents 🙂 there are so many reasons to get crafty and they’re budget-friendly! 

Here’s our top 5 Christmas crafts to enjoy making with your little one.

Make your own snow globe

Grab yourself a jar, an Olaf (or Christmassy equivalent), one excited toddler and hey presto! Click on MollyMoo crafts here to show you, step-by-step, how it’s done.

Hand print a Christmas tree

We love this craft activity from the ‘All Kids Network.’ Click here for further instructions or if you want to get that little bit messier, why not try it with paint! You can even turn it into a cool card for a family member to treasure or add it to your Christmas decorations and stick it on the fridge!

Create a Christmas choir

If you have any odd socks or your little ones have grown out of a few pairs, this is such a fun activity to do on wintery day. You can watch this how-to-video by Babble to show you how to put them to good use! Why not try out some other Christmas toilet-tube characters… snowmen, reindeer, an angel, whatever you like 🙂

Make ice-lolly stick snowflakes

Eating ice lollies and getting crafty – it’s a win-win situation really! Watch ‘The best ideas for kids’ step-by-step tutorial here to make your very own snowflakes – easy peasy!

Use your buttons!

Make a festive wreath, create a wintery scene, personalise your Christmas cards – who knew there were so many creative things to do with buttons! Head to Hobbycraft if you run out, you can grab a bag for as cheap as a £1.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to try out a few of these Christmassy craft ideas. So, gather your materials, get cosy and get crafty! Oh, and don’t forget to send us some pics 🙂

*Please remember that these activities include small parts and to supervise your child at all times.

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