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5 super-cute facts about your baby

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mums Sharna, Richelle, Ellie, Jayde and Loren talk about 5 things you probably didn’t know about your little one ūüôā

Here’s what the girls say in the video if you can’t watch it:

1. Babies recognise songs they hear in the womb for up to 4 months after birth

Jayde: Did you know that your baby can recognise songs that were played whilst pregnant, even up to the age of four months old?

My baby J’Chaie-Blu still recognises¬†songs even to this day and he’s almost two.

Loren:¬†So when I was pregnant I used to listen to Dolly Parton and now I’ve got Tom as a little¬†mini Dolly Parton fan. His favourite song is Joleen but he sings ‘Joling’!

I’ve got like a hundred videos on my phone of Tom in the bath singing Joleen.¬†So he’s this little boy with a little attitude who is top Dolly Parton fan.

2. Babies only learn to say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ to the right person at age 9-11 months.

Sharna: My son who’s five now, he said ‘Dada’ but he’s a mummy’s boy and it was very strange¬†and my daughter, the first word she said was ‘mumma’ and she’s a daddy’s girl.

So it’s quite hilarious how they both said something different¬†and they’re attached to different parents.

3. Your newborn’s smell is actually addictive!

Ellie:¬†It brings out the same sense of pleasure as food does when you’re hungry¬†when you smell a newborn baby, which is definitely true –¬†the smell of a newborn baby is one of my favourite smells.

Richelle:¬†I’m addicted to my son’s smell basically – I really like smelling him if he’s¬†sleeping, ’cause then he won’t move away if I’m in his neck.

Say you’re hungry, it’s kind of like that, the sensation you get¬†eating, and you haven’t eaten all day… yeah.

4. When you look your newborn baby in the eyes, your heart rates will sync.

Ellie: Your baby will influence your heart rate so when you look each other in the eyes, your heart rates will coordinate in a matter of seconds, which just goes to show the bond that you have
with your child – it’s like nothing else.

5. Babies learn how to relate numbers to the real world at age 3-4 years.

Sharna: My son is very pro numbers Рhe loves anything to do with numbers and wants to learn and he loves reading numbers on the bus Рthat was the first thing he did before he started school.

And now he is at school¬†and he’s five years, he’s obsessed with learning numbers and building bricks¬†that they do for their sums, and additions and stuff like that, he really enjoys it.