5 things I do to look after myself - by Henrietta - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

5 things I do to look after myself – by Henrietta

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

We’d like to introduce Henrietta, mum at 19 to baby Kai. Here she talks about the 5 things she does to look after herself.

1. Take a bath once a day

I used to be a shower person, but after a long day of running around a one year old, I need a nice long soak to relax my muscles and my mind. This may seem like a lot of effort for some but it’s what I need to unwind.

2.  Take advantage of nap times

I don’t know about you but I’ve never been the ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ type so when he naps, I do the odd chore and a little ‘perk’ like painting my nails or even shaving my legs. It’s the little things.

3. Entertain yourself while doing chores

So l quite like reading my bible once a day but didn’t know how to fit in the time to do this during the hectic day so I discovered audio bible. Audiobooks is also quite good if you’re a bookworm. Or while you’re cooking or washing the dishes, get a YouTube video on.

4. Get a massage when you can

If you have someone who can give you a massage, get one. Rodney, my partner, gives me a foot rub every night before bed and it does wonders. Considering he would’ve just come back from work, it’s definitely something I appreciate an awful lot.

5. Keep hydrated

If you are breastfeeding then I highly recommend you to always keep a glass of water near you. But just in general, always keep hydrated. Being a mum is a lot of running around and entertaining. Keep your body smiling.

Thank you for reading my tips, being a mum is truly the greatest gift I’ve ever received!

To keep following my story, visit my YouTube channel as I do occasionally vlog: itshenrietta.