Teen Mom UK star Chloe EXCLUSIVE vlog: 5 motherhood surprises
Little Lullaby

Chloe from Teen Mom UK vlogs for us! “5 motherhood surprises”

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Chloe Patton from MTV’s Teen Mom UK vlogs for us on the 5 things that surprised her about pregnancy and motherhood… from being kicked in the ribs to leaky nipples!

Here’s what Chloe says in the video if you can’t watch it:

Hi everyone at Little Lullaby! 5 things that I did not expect or that surprised me through pregnancy and motherhood…

Number 1 would 100% be pains in my ribs. Marley would literally kick my ribs so much, it was agonising. Sometimes I couldn’t even move.

Number 2, leaky nipples. Nipple pads were my best friend through pregnancy because I would leak all the time!

Number 3, teething. That is hard work. No one told me that it would be this hard. It was so hard, bless him. And there’s nothing you can do to help really. It still doesn’t take away the pain, so I
feel for him so much. Especially when I get tooth ache, I understand the pain now.

Number 4… I just didn’t expect him to be the way he is. He is a little monkey, he wants to do everything, get on everything and touch everything he shouldn’t. I didn’t expect him to be like that at all, especially at 7 months old. He was just mind-blowing how well he developed. I was really lucky, but at the same time I wasn’t ’cause he just grabs everything! Nothing can be left.

And number 5, would just be the moment I delivered him and held him for the first time. I felt for him was just unreal and I think you just don’t understand the feeling until you have your own child. It blows my mind how much I fell in love with him.

Thanks, bye!

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