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Little Lullaby

#52DaysofDad: 52 free things to do with your kids

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

For many dads across the UK, whether they live with their kids or not, the weekend provides the only opportunity they get to spend quality time with their little ones.

However, it can be really expensive to go out and have fun – some activities have more than doubled in price in the last ten years – meaning many families can no longer afford to go out together.

To help young dads make the most of the precious time they spend with their children, The Young Dads Collective (YDC) has launched its new campaign #52DaysofDad.

Throughout the year, the YDC will be releasing 52 exciting, fun and –  most importantly – FREE activities for dads to do with their children, one for every week of the year.

The first activity, released today, suggests that you build a den with your little one. So grab some cushions or string up a sheet with the washing line and try making a miniature fort of your own!

To get involved and to keep up to date with the weekly activities, follow the YDC on Twitter @YoungDadsCo or on Instagram @YoungDadsCo. Make sure to share your photos on social media using the #52DaysofDad hashtag to be entered into prize draws for taking part!

The YDC aims to raise awareness of young dads aged 25 and under, who are among the most isolated and economically deprived parenting groups in the UK.