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Little Lullaby

6 things that surprised me about motherhood

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mums Loren, Richelle, Ellie and Jayde tell us what they didn’t expect to feel before they became mums.

Here’s what they say in the video if you can’t watch it… 

1. Ellie: Isaac’s snoring

Isaac snored a lot which I didn’t expect, and although he slept quite a lot, I found it quite hard to sleep myself because of just all the noise he was making and it was worrying me because I was a
first-time mum.

2. Jayde: he copies everything I do!

One of the things that surprised me about my son is that babies tend to copy everything you say. Such as ‘go away’! He says that all the time… yeah, I think it’s go away… I think it’s go away!

3. Loren: how much I could love someone

The thing that surprised me when becoming a mum was how much I could fall in love with somebody else. I always knew I’d love the babies but I never, ever imagined how intense it would be and how much I love them.

Like, every time I think of Archie or I look at Tom, I love them more and more. I can’t imagine how much I’m gonna love them in a few years becuase it just grows every single day.

4. Jayde: how much babies cost

For me, another thing that surprised me is how expensive my son was, but it was even worse because he was tongue-tied so I couldn’t breastfeed at all, so he was on powdered milk from the minute he was born.

5. Ellie: how much empathy I feel now

The level of empathy that I had with the world in general just went up a lot because when you watch the news you start to imagine, what if that’s my child?

You care more about the world because it’s the world your child lives in and obviously you care about them more than anything.

6. Richelle: pregnancy is long!

So what surprised me about motherhood is that pregnancy is very long and daunting.

Like, very long… like 10 months… 40 weeks… 3 trimesters… That’s pretty much it…