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Breastfeeding and SIDS: everything you need to know in one minute

Today marks the start of World Breastfeeding Week 2016, which is a chance to celebrate breastfeeding and the healthy start it can help give your baby.

Breastfeeding my son wasn’t as easy as I hoped

Young mum Ellie shares with us the difficulties she faced when she first started breastfeeding her son, Isaac, and how she was supported by specialists, family and other breastfeeding mums.

Breastfeeding as a young mum was tricky: my experience

Maria wrote about her experience of breastfeeding as a young mum, and how she worked with her midwife to get the hang of it. 

Breastfeeding jargon explained!

We’ve put together a guide of breastfeeding terms you will most likely hear if you breastfeed your baby.

“Breastfeeding wasn’t always easy!”

Young mum, Annabel, shares the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding her daughter, Martha.

Breastfeeding as a new mum: Serena’s experience and advice

Young mum Serena tells us about her experience of breastfeeding for 6 months after her daughter Skye was born, and her advice if you’re a new mum.

What young mums say about breastfeeding

Ellie, Barbara and Sharna on their experiences of breastfeeding.

Changes to your body after giving birth – breastfeeding

Some of the changes to our bodies after giving birth might come as a surprise. Ellie shares how breastfeeding changed her body.

Boobs, breast pumps and biscuits: my breastfeeding experience

“The bond and closeness I feel with my son when I breastfeed him is indescribable and I feel happy that I’m giving him the best start I can give him.”

What do cluster feeding, colostrum and tongue tie mean? Breastfeeding jargon explained

As a new mum, you can be bombarded with lots of sayings and words that you’ve never heard before — especially if this is your first baby. And breastfeeding is no exception!