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How my midwife impacted my pregnancy – Sophie’s experience

Sophie shares the different experiences she had for each of her pregnancies and how important it is to form a good relationship with your midwife.

A message for my midwife

Young parents share a message for their midwife!

I had a good relationship with my midwife

Young mum, Richelle, talks about the really positive experience she had with her midwife

I became a midwife after I had my children

Fiona, mum at 19, shares how she became a midwife after having her babies.

How my midwife impacted my pregnancy – Ellie’s experience

Young mum, Ellie shared with us her midwife experience during her pregnancy with her son Isaac.

My midwife experiences

Young mum of two, Geneva, shares her midwife experiences.

My midwife experience – by Mia from Teen Mom UK

Mia, from Teen Mom UK, shares her midwife experience.

Don’t be scared to talk to your midwife

Young mum, Geneva, encourages young mums to be honest and open with their midwives!

‘My midwife experience’ by Loren, mum at 18

Young mum at 18, Loren, talks about her two very different experiences with her midwives.

I had more than one midwife

Young mum, Leigh, speaks about her relationship with her midwives.