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10 everyday challenges for parents of children with additional needs

Sometimes it can be hard for people to know what life can be like for children with additional needs and their parents, so here are some of the most common challenges me and my son Jayden face.

5 small things you can do to support an additional needs parent

“Showing kindness, sharing a warm smile and asking a genuine ‘how are you?’ could be the small things needed to lift our spirits.”

Managing as a young mum with a special needs baby

Two years after the birth of her daughter, Esther talks about some of the challenges of being a young mum with a child who has special needs

When your friend’s child has a health condition – the quick(ish) guide

Holly, young mum to Poppy gives a quick-ish guide on what to do when your friend’s child has a health condition.

Tips for working with social workers

Dad at 17, Kevin shares some great tips for young parents working with social workers.

5 challenges all single mums will understand (and how I coped)

“Seeing my son happy, healthy and constantly smiling was a constant reminder of what a great job I was doing.”

13 young mum bloggers we love, and how to follow them

Here are a few of our favourite young mum bloggers and where to follow them on Instagram…

Becoming a single dad – Kevin’s experience

Young dad, Kevin, shares his story of becoming a single dad and primary carer of his son.

My advice for healthcare professionals – Sophie

Young mum of 2, Sophie, gives her advice to healthcare professionals working with young parents.