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A year since I lost my twins – another year of bereavement

Young mummy to Airley, Freddy and Thomas, Rhia, shares her experience of a year of bereavement since she lost her twins, after the loss of her daughter Airley. 

What Baby Loss Awareness Week means to me

Rhia, young mum to Airley, Freddy and Thomas has written about what Baby Loss Awareness Week means to her.

A letter to the world – bereavement as a young mum

Rhia writes about her experience of bereavement as a young mum. She gives her advice to people on how to relate and talk to bereaved parents.

10 things that helped me survive the first year of bereavement

Rhia, young bereaved mum of three shared the 10 things that helped her survive the first year of bereavement. Before I first got pregnant, I just didn’t cry.

Remembering my babies

Young mum at 19, Rhia, has shared how she remembers her three babies

Remembering your beautiful baby

Young mum, Rhia, writes about remembering your baby after loss.

Mother’s Day as a bereaved mum – a day for me too

Motherhood is complicated, so is Mother’s Day as a bereaved mum. For me this year Rhia’s trying to find what works for her, her normal.

A different Christmas letter

For me writing letters has been a source of therapy, saved my sanity, given me a purpose, recorded the passing […]