About Little Lullaby

little-lullaby-meet-our-ambassadors-banner-1The Lullaby Trust is proud to introduce Little Lullaby, its new dedicated site for young parents. 

Backed by The Big Lottery Fund, Little Lullaby is an online community where young parents and parents-to-be can chat, tell their story and support each other through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Little Lullaby includes plenty of information about safer sleep for babies, but we have much more to offer. Young parents can read blogs written by their peers and use our Community to discuss all aspects of birth, pregnancy and parenting with other young mums and dads.

Our vision

Little Lullaby wants to stop all unexpected deaths of babies and toddlers born to young parents.

We want young parents to feel better informed, more confident and less isolated through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Our mission

  • To reduce the high incidences of SIDS amongst babies born to young parents under 20.
  • To empower young parents to achieve their full potential.
  • To reach all young parents and provide an inclusive space for them to share experiences and receive emotional and practical support.
  • To provide non-judgemental, clear and direct advice that is specifically relevant to young parents.
  • To use a variety of media to ensure that literacy levels are not a barrier to receiving the support we offer.
  • To provide professionals with guidance on the best ways to work with young parents.
  • To challenge stereotypes and give young parents a voice by sharing the positive aspects of young parenting.
  • To provide accurate and up-to-date information about infant care, thus improving outcomes for babies born to young parents, in particular in regards to safer sleep.

Our Young Parent Ambassadors

The Lullaby Trust Young Parent Ambassadors are specially trained volunteers who work with Little Lullaby to make sure we are considering young parents in everything we do.

If you’d like to become a Young Parent Ambassador or would just like to know more about how they help us, visit our Ambassadors page here.

Get involved

Find out how to partner with us if you’re an organisation, charity, or blogger by visiting our Work With Us page.

The Lullaby Trust, 11 Belgrave Road, London SW1V 1RB Registered Charity Number: 262191. Registered Company Number 01000824

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