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Little Lullaby

Adjusting to life as a working mum: my experience

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Hi everyone, it’s Alex here from the Young Mummy Survival Guide. Some of you may remember that back in March I was lucky enough to takeover Little Lullaby’s Instagram for one whole week. 

It was an amazing experience but I posted a video about how I was struggling to adjust to going out to work now that university is finished and the anxiety that was building up in Lily.

She was always quite unhappy when I left in the morning, which would make me unhappy, which would make me unfocused all day and it wasn’t really any good for anybody.

And I thought I would just catch you up a little bit.

So we are 4 [or] 5 months down the line now since I started my job…

…and things are getting better. This week has been the first week her dad’s working away since, so it’s been another week of learning how to balance getting everybody to school on time — to work on time — and then of course the pick-ups and the rush hour traffic back.

But it is getting a lot better.


I like that she now appears to understand that I’m definitely coming back.

It was as if she thought I wasn’t going to come back at the end of the day.

And a little thing we do now is we save each other a sticker for when we get home from school and nursery and work and I’m building up quite a collection of Disney princesses all over my laptop case. I don’t really have many stickers so Lily’s building up quite a big collection of Post-It notes.

One thing that’s struck me though – that somebody else said to me actually – which I think all of us as young mums and young parents can take forward is that going away to work each day is tough. Leaving your child in that really disorientated state is really, really hard.

Because it does affect your mood the rest of the day, which then affects your work and it just sort of snowballs.

But someone pointed out to me that it sets a great example to your child.

You’re showing them that by working hard at university or whatever it is you’ve chosen to do, you then progress to work, which brings in so many benefits at the end of the day.

We’ve been able to enjoy some really nice days out and some nice treats like some new toys, new clothes for Lily and some more wedding extras ’cause we’re getting married soon. And it’s something we’ve all enjoyed and felt the benefits of, and it’s important to show our children that.

It’s important to show them that hard work pays off in the end…

…and that the harder you work, the better it is in the end.

I really hope that Lily takes that forward in whatever she wants to do in life.

I don’t really mind what she wants to do in life — all I kind of want is for her to work hard and appreciate what she has around her.

And I hope that I’m now giving her a little bit of inspiration; maybe being a bit more of a role model than I have been before by going out to work and bringing this extra stuff in.

So that’s pretty much it. I just wanted to catch you up a little bit on it.


And I’d love to know what everyone else does — if they have any tips. Especially anybody that has been in work longer.

It’s very different to going to a university lecture every day — and they’re not even every day!

So the stress is building up and Lily is now 3 – she’ll be 4 in September – and she’s definitely an independent personality.

So some tips on balancing work stress, that anxiety, and the three-nager stage would be very much appreciated.

I hope you’re all doing really well – I hope you’ve all got some support around you. 

I’d also just like to reach out to those young parents involved in some of the horrible things that we’ve seen up and down the country in previous weeks.


There are lots of us here for you and if you ever just wanted to reach out and talk to anybody, I know that at the Young Mummy Survival Guide I would always answer your messages and there are fabulous organisations everywhere – like Little Lullaby – who would be here for you too.

Love you lots, bye!

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