Advice for new mums - keeping calm
Little Lullaby

Advice for new mums – keeping calm

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Sassi from Teen Mom UK offers advice for other young mums who’ve just found out they’re pregnant and how to remain calm when the going gets tough!

Here’s what Sassi says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Hi I’m Sassi, I‘m 18 years old, I’m mother to baby Zena’ya and I’m from Stockport.

The one piece of advice I would give to young mums who have just found out they’re pregnant and kind of panicking a bit, I would just say it’s best to stay calm, ‘cause that’s what’s best for the baby.

But don’t be too hard on yourself, if you have times when the baby comes and you think ‘do you know what? I don’t think I was cut out with this,’  because I’ve had days like that, where I’ve just broke down crying and thought, ‘you know what I wasn’t ready for this and I don’t think I can actually do this.’

You know what? Put the baby down to sleep, just go to sleep for a few hours, wake up and you will actually feel better.

I know that sounds really stupid like ‘Go to sleep and you’ll feel better,’ but it does ‘cause sometimes you’re just tired, you’ve had a lot on your plate all day, probably for the past few days and you’re just stressed.

All you need is to rewind, sit down, calm down a bit and you’ll realise that actually it’s not that bad.

But, I’ll say it’s not that bad but you know a baby crying all the time, it can get to you. I’ve had days where I thought ‘ you know what? I can’t listen to this baby cry for one more minute, I just wish I could go out and run away and never come back to this at all.’

But when you actually look at that little baby, that baby hasn’t asked to be brought here, you owe yourself to that baby.

You’re the only person that baby knows, ever since it started growing so, yeah it is hard but it’s very rewarding.

When like the baby gets a bit bigger and you walk out the room and you come back and they’re like all giddy, smiling. Even though they can’t say anything, it’s true like a picture says a thousand words. Sassi

When you see that little baby smiling at you, so happy to see you, it puts all the bad times that you’ve had just behind you.

Some days I just think, what would I actually do if I didn’t have Zena’ya? Like she’s made such an impact on my life, some in bad ways, some in good but I just feel like she’s made me who I am.

I just love everything about her and I just love looking at her and thinking, I created you, (with the help of your dad obviously) I created you and I just love you so much!

And even though sometimes I could drag my hair out like, I get so stressed and I just think like, ‘this is gonna be my life, for 18 years, wow I’m only 18 myself so this is the rest of my life.’ 

But it is really really fun as well as all the hard times as well.

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