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Little Lullaby

Juggling GCSEs with a baby: my advice for young parents

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

My little boy was five-months-old when I went back to school and about one-year-old when I was just starting my GCSEs with a baby.

Kaiya tells the story of juggling GCSEs with a baby

I just had to have a set routine. Once the baby started sleeping through, you start getting your routine in place. I just went by my routine – when the baby went to bed, it was me time. But me time was revision – it weren’t bubbly baths and things like that. It was revision and washing and cleaning and preparing food and things like that. My little boy has a proper strict diet. You just have to go by the routine and you’ve got to take time to focus on revision. It’s just everyday; wake up, go to nursery, go to school and come home to revise. You’ve just gotta stick to the same routine, that worked best for me.

Not giving up on getting my GCSEs with a baby

It’s hard work having a child and going to school. There were so many times I wanted to give up. But you can’t explain the feeling when you get your results and you’re like, ‘I’ve done it. I’ve done it and I’ve got a baby and I’ve got a job and I’ve still done my GCSEs’. It’s just the most amazing feeling and so worth all the sleepless nights. It’s really hard but you’ve just gotta think of the outcome, of what you’re gonna gain. If you work hard for a certain amount of time, you’re gonna forget what the stress was like once you get the results and you’re like ‘wow’.

The results are so worth it

That’s what happened with me, I sorted myself out. I was like ‘I’m proud of myself’, and all the stress and sleepless nights and things were all worth it because look I’ve got an outcome now. I can get a better future for myself and my son. Staying in school is the best thing you can do, even if juggling GCSEs with a baby isn’t easy.

Stay in school and focus but accept help as well. Young mums are too proud nowadays, they’re like ‘no, I can do it all on my own’, because they’re so used to being stereotyped by people, they don’t want to accept help. I was like that. You need to be in the right state of mind to look after a child so I think taking any help you can get, just take it.

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