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Little Lullaby

5 things I wish I’d known before becoming a mum

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

James - son of young mum Amy

Hey lovelies!

I became a mummy a lot sooner than I thought I would. I had just turned 18 and a month later my little bubba boy entered this world.

I had my whole life planned out, finishing sixth form, going to university to do an English literature degree, exploring the world and spending more time just me and George (my partner). But the universe had different plans for me — better ones.

There are many things I wish I’d had known before becoming a mum at a young age. Being young and naive I only thought of the positive that came out of pregnancy, but there were some negatives too…

1. How much love is possible for this tiny human being.

I mean it when no words could possibly ever describe how full my heart and life is since James came into our lives. He literally is the best thing that has happened to both me and George.

Everyday I love him more and I always wonder to myself how it is possible, because I feel like I cannot love any more than I already do.

2. It can get a little lonely.

All the way throughout my pregnancy all my friends would tell me they couldn’t wait to meet him, to cuddle him and see him. He’s 15 weeks old now and none of them have lived up to what they said.

This is probably because they realised that instead of being able to party and go out care free I had to change nappies and work my social life around my son.

But James will always be my first priority and if they cannot accept that then that’s fine — they don’t have the responsibilities I have.

3. The changes in mine and George’s relationship.

For nearly a year it was just me and George giving each other our full attention as much as possible. Enjoying the freedom we had and loving every minute.

But after James was born, our attention obviously shifted more to James. And that’s absolutely fine.

Sometimes we don’t get any time for ourselves. After hectic days when we’re finally chilling out in bed all I want to do is sleep, therefore we spend no quality time together hardly ever.

But when we do go out (normally once a month for date night) we’re still us. We’re still the fun, loving people we were a year ago. We still make each other laugh and love each other unconditionally.

4. How much panic, fear and anxiety you have.

I have just brought the most precious thing in my life into this world. Whilst my bubba was inside me I could protect from the world and all its dangers. Now I can’t.

At the hospital all they do is warn you, handing out leaflets about life threatening illnesses I’d never heard of. I know they do this to make me realise the warning signs but I started worrying if he hadn’t done a certain amount of wet nappies or if he looked a bit pale.

Instead of enjoying my precious newborn, I was constantly worrying that my baby was OK.

If you’re worried about your baby, use our Baby Check list — it can help you decide whether your baby needs a doctor.

5. Literally anything James does makes me so proud and happy.

I’m obviously bias and think James is the most cleverest, beautiful little boy that there has ever been. But watching him learn and develop everyday makes my heart burst.

Seeing a little smile developing on his face when he sees us, or when he wraps his hand around my finger and has the strength to sit it with the littlest of help. Watching him trying to do things he’s not quite ready for and shouting pretty much all day because he loves the sound of his own voice and being the centre of everyone’s attention.

Sure, there are some bad points such as lack of friends, being looked down on by others for having a baby so young and watching your baby in pain after having jabs — it breaks my heart to hear those heart-wrenching cries. But the good outweigh the bad.

James is the light of my life, the centre of my heart and my best friend. He’s my greatest accomplishment and I am the luckiest mummy on this planet.

Always stick to your gut instinct, trust me when I say it’s hard but 100% worth it. Brush the hate away and love your life — after all it’s YOURS!

I also have my own blog teenmumlife.wordpress.com — why not go check it out for more stories and advice!

Love always
Amy Xx