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Author: Ellie L

Young Parents Q & A: Ellie asks her kids some fun questions!

Little Lullaby asked young parents to contribute a question and answer video with their kids and we got a few. […]

Dad bonding with babies – how Liam’s coped as a young dad

Ellie talks about Liam’s experience as a young dad bonding with babies, after the birth of their second son Oliver. It can be a challenge for dads.

Managing anxiety after birth: how I got help

Ellie sought help with managing anxiety after her son was born. Watch her story.

My experience with baby-led weaning

Young mum of 2, Ellie shares why baby-led weaning worked best with her two boys.

How my relationship with my mum’s changed since becoming a mum

Ellie shares how her relationship with her own mum has changed since becoming a young mum of 2 boys.

Spending time together as a couple since having children

Ellie shares how spending time with her partner has changed since becoming parents.

I had anxiety about my post-birth body

Young mum, Ellie shares how she felt about her body image after having her son, Isaac.

Why I love using cloth nappies

Young mum of 2, Ellie, shares why she’s chosen to use cloth nappies for both of her boys.

Tandem feeding my sons

Young mum, Ellie, shares how breastfeeding both her sons is going!

Ellie’s home birth story

Young mum, Ellie, shares her home birth experience of second son, Oliver.