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Author: Ellie L

How my relationship with my mum’s changed since becoming a mum

Ellie shares how her relationship with her own mum has changed since becoming a young mum of 2 boys.

Spending time together as a couple since having children

Ellie shares how spending time with her partner has changed since becoming parents.

I had anxiety about my post-birth body

Young mum, Ellie shares how she felt about her body image after having her son, Isaac.

Why I love using cloth nappies

Young mum of 2, Ellie, shares why she’s chosen to use cloth nappies for both of her boys.

Tandem feeding my sons

Young mum, Ellie, shares how breastfeeding both her sons is going!

Ellie’s home birth story

Young mum, Ellie, shares her home birth experience of second son, Oliver.

Preparing my son for his little brother

Young mum, Ellie, tells us how she is preparing her 2-year-old son, Isaac for his little brother.

How to approach family and friends who smoke, before they visit

Ellie explains why it’s important to ask family and friends who smoke not to do so before visiting your new born baby.

How my midwife impacted my pregnancy – Ellie’s experience

Young mum, Ellie shared with us her midwife experience during her pregnancy with her son Isaac.

Changes to your body after giving birth – breastfeeding

Some of the changes to our bodies after giving birth might come as a surprise. Ellie shares how breastfeeding changed her body.