Little Lullaby

Author: Henrietta M

My partner is a great mum!

Kai’s dad, Rodney, shares why he thinks his partner, young mum Henrietta is a great mum to their son!

My partner is a great dad!

Young mum, Henrietta, shares why she thinks her partner, Rodney is a great dad to their son, Kai!

“I felt I was treated differently as a dad”

Kai’s dad, Rodney shares how he’s been treated differently to his partner during pre and post natal appointments.

Why I wanted to start my own business

Young mum, Henrietta shares why she wanted to start her own business after having her son, Kai.

Moving into our first family home

Young mum Henrietta lives with her partner Rodney and their son Kai. She shared with us how it’s going.

5 things I do to look after myself – by Henrietta

Young mum Henrietta shares with us the 5 things she does to look after herself.