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Author: Jayde E

Things I’d do differently with baby number two

Mum at 15, Jayde, shares what she’d like to differently with baby number two.

Thinking about contraception after giving birth

Young mum at 15, Jayde, speaks about the importance of thinking about contraception after giving birth.

It’s not that easy – challenges I still face as a young mum

Find out more about the challenges Jayde faces as a young mum of 1. Here she talks about early mornings, education and work.

You’re only 2 people away from achieving your dreams

“You’re only 2 to 3 people away from the person that you wanna meet — whether that’s the president, whether that’s the Queen, whether that’s the mayor…”

Why I’m giving up my time to support other young mum

“There’s a lot of organisations that are out there that young mums just don’t know about.”

Isolation and feeling lonely as a young mum: my advice

As well as being an amazing mum to 2-year-old J’chaie Blu, Jayde runs a support group for young mums and […]