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Author: Kaiya A

Juggling GCSEs with a baby: my advice for young parents

My little boy was five-months-old when I went back to school and about one-year-old when I was just starting my GCSEs with a baby.

Initial reactions to being pregnant at 14

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she first felt when she found out she was pregnant at 14.

Moving out at 16 with my son – Kaiya’s experience

Kaiya, mum at 16, shares her story of moving out at 16.

I was judged whilst I was pregnant with my son

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she has dealt with being judged for being a young parent.

Planning a birthday party can be stressful!

Mum at 15, Kaiya, speaks about the pressure that comes with planning for her son’s birthday!

My advice for college teachers – by Kaiya

Mum at 15, Kaiya, offers some advice for college teachers on how to better support young mums at college.