Kevin M, Author at Little Lullaby
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Author: Kevin M

The importance of fellowship for young dads

Do you have a network of other young parents that support each other? Kevin reflects on the importance of fellowship for young dads. 

Supporting my child’s learning at home – connecting with the school

Kevin told us about the journey he’s been on, his thoughts on supporting my child’s learning at home, whilst co-parenting.

Child care is much easier now my son’s at school

Young dad at 17, Kevin discusses the child care options available now that his son is at school.

Tips for working with social workers

Dad at 17, Kevin shares some great tips for young parents working with social workers.

Advice for young parents requesting temporary accommodation

Yound dad, Kevin, gives some great tips for fellow young parents who need support with housing.

Securing housing as a young dad

Kevin speaks about the challenges he faced as a young dad securing housing for himself and his son.

Becoming a single dad – Kevin’s experience

Young dad, Kevin, shares his story of becoming a single dad and primary carer of his son.

Becoming the primary carer of my son

Kevin, dad at 17, talks about becoming the primary carer of his son.

Advice for going through the housing process

Young dad Kevin, shares his tips and experience for going through the housing process.