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Author: Libby S

Having a baby changes your relationship with your sister

Libby talks about how having a baby changes your relationship with your sister. Both she and her sister have babies the same age. 

Introducing a vegan diet to your children

Young mum to Delilah, Libby discusses her daughter’s vegan diet.

How my body changed after giving birth

Young mum, Libby, talks about the changes she’s noticed to her body after giving birth.

Did you experience judgement for being a young parent?

Young mum, Libby, shares her experience of facing judgement as a young parent.

‘My birth story’ by Libby, mum at 20

Young mum at 20, Libby, has shared her birth story with Little Lullaby.

I wanted to breastfeed for longer

Young mum, Libby writes about her breastfeeding experience.

How I felt after giving birth to my daughter

Young mum, Libby shares how she felt after giving birth to her daughter Delilah.

My daughter Delilah’s first year

Young mum to Delilah, Libby, shares how her first year with her daughter has been.

How I felt when I found out I was pregnant!

Young mum, Libby, shares how her and her boyfriend took their pregnancy news!

My advice for employers – by Libby

Young mum, Libby shares some advice for employers on how to better support expectant mums.