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Author: Linda B

Teaching my son about Black History

Linda, mum at 18, shared with us how she’s teaching her son about Black History.

5 things I learned being a young mum

Linda – who had her son when she was 18 – looks back on her time as a young mum and the lessons she learned along the way.

A day in the life of a young working mum

Young mum Linda lets us into her life as a working parent…

5 challenges all single mums will understand (and how I coped)

“Seeing my son happy, healthy and constantly smiling was a constant reminder of what a great job I was doing.”

Managing stress as a working parent: Linda’s advice

“I almost feel like a superwoman to be fair!”

How to establish a schedule and get more done!

Linda, who got pregnant when she was 17, gives her advice on establishing a schedule and how it helped her get more done as a working parent.

How to tell your employer that you’re pregnant

Linda’s advice on your rights as a working mum-to-be, plus where to go for help.

How to manage child care as a single parent: Linda’s advice

“The thought of leaving my son with someone I didn’t know was daunting…”

Dealing with ‘working mum guilt’: Linda’s advice

Linda’s shares her advice for dealing with the guilt that naturally comes with being a working parent.

Juggling work and parenthood: Linda’s top tips

Hi my name is Linda, I’m 26 and I have a 7 (soon-to-be 8) year-old son; I got pregnant when I […]