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Author: Loren S

Dealing with baby loss as a young parent 

” I genuinely didn’t understand how I could possibly survive, but you will overcome this with the right support.”

‘My midwife experience’ by Loren, mum at 18

Young mum at 18, Loren, talks about her two very different experiences with her midwives.

Maintaining friends and making new ones!

Young mum, Loren, shares how her relationship with her best friend changed during her pregnancy.

Choosing a nursery for my son

Young mum, Loren, shares some things to think about when deciding on the right nursery for your child.

Changes to your body after giving birth – breast size

Young mum, Loren, reminds us to embrace the changes to our bodies after giving birth!

What’s worth investing in when you have a baby?

From baby grows to breast bumps, young mums Loren and Ellie explain what they’re glad they invested in when they had their little boys.

Teen Mom UK episode 5 recap: Loren’s reaction

“Wow, Raphael has took the player game up a few levels hasn’t he?”

Teen Mom UK episode 3 recap: Loren’s reaction!

I’ve just watched the new episode of Teen Mum UK and what can I say, amazing!

The signs and symptoms of postnatal depression

Following mental health day earlier in the month, I thought I would write another blog about my own mental health.

How to find your new home (with a little one in tow!)

So, we got an offer for a house and I am absolutely over the moon!