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Author: Opal

How I went from benefits to work as a parent, credits to wages

This year Opal made the transition from benefits to work, with the help of her mum and her daughter’s dad. She writes about making this shift.

Respect young mums regardless of age: getting chatted up

Opal found that she got a mixed reaction when she told guys she was a mum, she talks about why people should respect young mums.

The importance of routine

Young mum at 18 to Mia, Opal, talks about the importance of routine.

My pre-birth hospital experience

Teen mum, Opal, talks about her hospital experiences before giving birth to her daughter.

Who I told first about my pregnancy

Young mum at 18, Opal, shares who she told first about her pregnancy.

Breastfeeding in public – Opal’s experience

Young mum at 18, Opal, shares her experience of breastfeeding in public.