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My Lockdown Birth Story: My Third Child Arrived During the Pandemic!

My lockdown birth story was an interesting one. When I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter Hallie, […]

Falling pregnant pushed me off my path but onto a better one

Young mum, Shannon, became a mum at 18 and has shared how falling pregnant pushed her off her original path […]

Losing and keeping friends during pregnancy

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Why I wanted to become a Young Parent Ambassador

Young mum, Shannon, shares what why trained to become a Young Parent Ambassador.

My two pregnancies were completely different!

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My advice for sixth form teachers – by Shannon

Young mum of 2 daughters, Shannon, offers some advice to sixth form teachers.

Back to education after having children: my advice

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I went back into education after having children

After having 2 children, Shannon is studying to be a nurse and shared with us what it’s like back in education.