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Author: Stephanie T

Teen Mom UK episode 2 recap: Stephanie’s verdict!

“My heart bleeds for Megan… how could he!!… and then have the nerve to propose to her.”

“Now ain’t the time to be having contractions!” Stephanie’s birth story

In the final of our birth story vlogs, young mum Stephanie tells us all the details of when she gave birth to the lovely Joshua.

The importance of dads: Stephanie’s story of single parenthood

“In this generation we are so quick to give up on fathers an have the ‘I can do it alone’ mentality.”

Living with family: the ups and downs!

“Living with family is a joy, its a pain, it’s amusing, it’s sad: it’s all of the above and more.”

Being a mum-of-two is not easy, but it’s 100% worth it

“Being a mum of two has changed my life even more than I thought it was going to…”

Losing my niece inspired me to become a young parent ambassador

21 year old Stephanie, mum of two, talks about the tragedy that inspired her to become a Young Parent Ambassador. […]