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Author: Tamera G

Friendships can change when you become a parent

Friends and young mums, Tamera and Megan speak about how they’re friendships have changed since becoming parents.

Dealing with nursery nerves

Young mum, Tamera, shares some of her worries her daughter, Lily-Ivy starting at nursery.

Do you support each other with parenting?

We asked young mums, Tamera and Megan if they support each other with parenting.

Pregnant together, friends forever!

Young mums, Megan and Tamera, met at college and found out they were pregnant in the same week!

How I balance studying, work and being a mum

Young mum Tamera, gives some advice for balancing work, studying and being a mum.

Dealing with reactions to my pregnancy

Tamera, young mum to Lily, talks about how she dealt with reactions to her pregnancy.