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Becoming a mum at 19 – Madison’s story

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Young mum, Madison had her baby daughter, Zarah, at 19. She’s shared her story with us and talks about the challenges and the highs of becoming a mum.

It’s been 9 months, 19 days and 11 hours since I became a mum. And I won’t lie, I can’t honestly say I’ve loved every second of it as much as I love it now.

I remember the first time Zarah screamed. It’s so clear in my mind it’s like it just happened and it was also the moment I realised I had my first full time job!

Our family and the midwives had left the room and it was just me and her daddy left staring at this little tiny baby.

She was peaceful and gorgeous and she smelt really nice to my surprise (I don’t know what I expected) but my point is she was so perfect.

I spent the first hours of her life staring at her while she slept, although now I know I should of been sleeping too lol, I soon became familiar with the phrase ‘sleep when they sleep’.

But anyway, then she woke up and let out this huge scream and I looked at her dad in shock but there was no time for that, we had to work out what to do.

At that point I didn’t know how to settle her or feed her, I barely even knew how to pick her up properly.

The first few weeks were exciting but tough I was exhausted and sore and her dad was up and down from university, so I was operating on about 3/4 hours of broken sleep a day.

As Zarah is breastfed and wasn’t interested in bottles I had little time for a rest, so my role was very full on.

When I got her to sleep during the days when I was home alone I knew I didn’t have much time before she woke up again so I had to I start making mad decisions like ‘shall I eat or shower today?’

Looking back it’s funny but at the time it was a very serious predicament.

What I can say now is that I’ve got a hang of my job as mummy and I think I’m pretty good at it.

I wouldn’t say it’s got easier but I’ve found that the challenges come in different places. So as you get to know your baby more and master one thing, something else presents itself for you to learn.

Where I was tired all the time before, she’s sleeping through now so we’ve overcome that one but now she’s crawling so I’ve got to have eyes on her every minute which in it’s self is a new challenge for me.

Like when I’m making dinner with one hand and holding her in the other because she crawled over and stood up at my legs, refusing to let go.

Then moving on to giving up on dinner completely because it’s absolutely impossible to make a whole meal with one hand.

I’m not even going to get on to the fact that Zarah attempts to eat everything in sight including the remote, her comb and occasionally my own foot!

I’m getting the hang of it though and we’re learning and growing together.

I love waking up to her gorgeous little face in the morning, I love feeding her and I love watching the new things she learns each day. The new one is standing up and balancing, taking a step then falling down.

I was so scared when I found out I was pregnant, I was just a girl but Zarah has made me a stronger and more motivated woman and I’m so excited to be her mummy.

I hope I can I make her life as special as she has made mine!

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