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Bedtime routine – how do you put your kids to bed?

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Do your babies take a long time to go down for the night? Are they afraid of the dark or do they sleep right through? Our young parents share their bedtime routine and the ways in which sometimes it can go well, and sometimes not perfectly. 

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‘I think bed time is just one of those things, it is just a mountain to climb.’

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There was no real routine, I just followed what she did naturally. So from when she was a new born, in my house, we have always ate late. So like my dad would come in from work, I would cook dinner, it would be around 7, eat at 8.30. I know that is bad but that is what we did. So we have always eaten late and I start my day late. So being accustomed to being a bit late as per usual, she just goes to bed later than per usual.


Our bedtime routine for us is, I try to work it around when his dad comes home. So his dad comes home around 6pm. I try to give Kaylan his dinner then so that he has time to wind down with his dad. Then he can have his bath time, then I try to read him a story but that never goes to plan. So I just let him play for like an hour or so. He watched in the night garden and then I try to put him down about 7:30/8 in his room. So I give him a warm bottle of milk and then he goes down until the morning.


With bedtime routine, this is really weird but with Zarah she doesn’t want to sleep in the dark. She is scared of the dark. But when she is really tired I put her in the room and she will fall asleep by the time I have come in. But what she does herself is, I will leave her and she will put the blanket on top of her so it is extra, extra dark. And by the time I have come in she has fallen asleep and then I take the blanket off her. So she kind of puts herself to sleep.


They eat tea at like 4/4:30pm. So by the time I pick them up and get them home, she doesn’t go down for another nap as well. So if she wants to sleep, she can sleep on the way home because then I’ll be able to like monitor roughly how long you’re sleeping for. But more times she stays up, she’s really like, tired. Then she eats and then she gets a bit lazy. Or she gets energetic and she burns off the energy and runs round the house, but then she gets tired. So by that time I put her in the bed, she just lays there.

She might get up sometimes like to see what I’m doing and look at the story but once I say ‘Ava-May lay down’, she lays down and then she goes to bed! They both just stay in there. If they don’t go to bed, they stay in there and they play until someone falls asleep but if I walk in the room they play like they’re sleeping.


I think bed time is just one of those things, it is just a mountain to climb. Our routine would be dinner, bath, he reads his book and then bed but that bed does not always happen so he will rebel for a drink after he has already had a drink, things like that. So my advice for bed time is just breathe because I think whatever age they are, it can go on for quite a long time.

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