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Little Lullaby

Me, Ben and Bump: full-term and feeling it!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

This is Lauren’s second blog for us and we love her honesty! Catch up with her latest pregnancy news below and read her introduction here.

So now baby is full term from 37 weeks and with only 3 weeks to go, I’m definitely feeling it!

I’ve suffered from back pain from about 22 weeks onwards so I’ve kinda got used to that and I have devised a night time regime of settling down with about 20 pillows propped in different places. Only trouble with sleep is:

1. I don’t sleep until about 3am.

2. When I eventually get comfy, baby wriggles down and presses on my bladder so I need a wee all the time.

Being that I only have 3 weeks left, I’ve read quite a lot about how your baby ‘doesn’t have a lot of room in there’ and ‘Won’t be moving around as much’. Well this isn’t the case with our little girl — she seems to wriggle even more now and when she moves my belly does a whole Mexican wave!

Thinking about labour

Like every pregnant lady, I’ve been thinking about labor and now the time’s getting nearer and nearer.

I’m a little worried about actually knowing when I’m in labor. I’ve read some people’s stories and they haven’t known they are having contractions and I am genuinely quite worried that I might not know when I’m having contractions. I think I’ve had Braxton Hicks but I’m not entirely sure.

I know this sounds crazy but I hope I can REALLY feel the contractions so I know I’m in labor.


Nanna has come round a lot recently. I had to go for emergency bloods last week as I had quite a bit of itching and Nanna and Granddad drove down the motorway to pick me up and take me to hospital. My Granddad’s quite old school so he wasn’t too worried whereas my Nanna was very supportive, which is made me feel better.

Now I only have to win Granddad round but I’m hoping once he sees his first great-grandchild he will put his silly old school morals aside and it will open his eyes. Anyway blood tests were fine, and I have an appointment with my midwife in a few days’ time.

I will keep you updated on how we are all doing. Thank you for reading!

This post was originally posted on in 2011.