"I shouted 'My baby, my baby’s here!'" Ellie's birth story - Little Lullaby
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“I shouted ‘My baby, my baby’s here!'” Ellie’s birth story

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Ellie has already told us her tips on 23 things to do and consider before you give birth and how she uses cloth nappies, and now she’s telling all about her birth to Isaac in her new vlog!

Here’s what Ellie says in the video if you can’t watch it…

I was 5 days overdue and completely fed up with being pregnant. It was really hot in the summer and I was sat in bed about to go to sleep and my waters suddenly broke. I wasn’t having any contractions yet. It was a really odd feeling sort of like a gurgly pop, water everywhere. I shouted at Liam to get me a towel and he was panicking like ‘eurgh where’s the towels?’

It was about half 11 the next night was when they started to get really really painful but they still weren’t long enough to go to the hospital yet and I remember getting out of the car and suddenly being really scared, being like oh my gosh this is the moment.

We got in and they monitored me for a bit, and then they moved me to my own room.. I had some pethidine so I could get some sleep, which was sort of perfect timing really so I got about 4 hours sleep and then I suddenly woke up and I was having really really painful contractions, like nothing I have ever felt before.

They examined me and I was only 6cm so I was thinking it’s taken me this long to get to 6cm it’s going to be ages until I’m 10cm so I asked to have an epidural. They said “Ok you’ve got to come through to the delivery room” and I think I hit transition at this point so I was screaming loads.

They gave me some gas and air, which was really good to focus my breathing on. Then as soon as we got into the room I felt the urge to push, which I couldn’t believe because I only thought I was 6/7cm. I got on the bed and at this point I couldn’t control myself and if I didn’t have the midwives telling me what to do I would have had no idea.

Then they told me Isaac’s head had been born and at that point I just started crying and everyone started crying. I looked at my mum she was crying, Liam was crying and I just started shouting “My baby, my baby’s here!” And then I did one more push and Isaac was born.

They put him straight on my chest and I think the first thing I said was “He is so purple but he’s so beautiful” and it’s like the best feeling in the whole world is the first time they put your baby on your chest.

It’s good to prepare and sort of like decide what you want to happen like after the birth, like what pain relief you think you might want but you will never know what it feels like until you go through it. It’s the most painful thing I have ever experienced but it’s also the most amazing thing at the same time. Be really flexible, like write a birth plan, I didn’t write a birth plan because I just didn’t know what to expect, so write one but then have in your mind that it could change. You might change your mind and that’s ok, if you don’t end up having a natural birth that’s alright.

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