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Breastfeeding as a new mum: Serena’s experience and advice

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Young mum Serena tells us about her experience of breastfeeding for 6 months after her daughter Skye was born, and her advice if you’re a new mum.

Here’s what Serena says in the video if you can’t watch it…

I was quite passionate about breastfeeding but at first my daughter didn’t latch on properly.

This was quite frustrating for me being a first-time mother — I was thinking I’m going to take her home, she’s going to be really hungry and I’m not getting it right.

But it’s just patience.

I mean, breastfeeding‘s not for everyone and unfortunately not every mother can do it.

But take your time and don’t give up if you do want to breastfeed. There’s also expressing you can do as well.

The midwives were very supportive.

They gave me little bottles as well, for me to take if I wanted to express. They did encourage me to do that but I just preferred breastfeeding at that stage. So eventually she did latch on.

I breastfed for about 6 months which I think is probably the recommended minimum.

I would say if you are breastfeeding exclusively, do try and express as well for the first couple of months, just because when it comes to leaving the baby with someone else or going back to work or studies, then it will be hard.

The biggest mistake I made was I just breastfed for 6 months without having expressed.

So when it came to leaving my daughter with relatives or her dad, she was quite a pain.

And then I moved onto formula when she was about 6 1/2 months old.

And also expressing’s good so you can get your partner involved as well, ’cause sometimes the men might feel a bit left out — they can’t breastfeed can they! That’s quite a good bonus as well — you can have a break [and] they can feed them in the evenings.

Always remember that whatever you eat when you’re breastfeeding, or drink, the baby will have that as well, so always remember that.

When you breastfeed you might also have a preference as to which breast you use. 

I would say, alternate between the two just because I preferred using my left breast and after a while, my right breast did just harden up, just because it wasn’t being expressed or used enough.

So alternate, if you can, between the two just so you don’t get that discomfort.

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