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Did you know that breastfeeding, even for a couple of days, is better than not breastfeeding at all?

Even the British Government’s own Department of Health recommends that all babies breastfeed exclusively for at least six months.

Research has shown that breastfeeding your baby for just a short amount of time can help to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) occurring.

Partial or combination feeding (breastfeeding and formula feeding) can also be beneficial; however, if you choose to only breastfeed your baby, the risk of SIDS will be even lower.

Should you be worried about SIDS if you don’t breastfeed at all?

We know that breastfeeding isn’t always easy and if you choose to formula feed your baby for any reason, you can still minimise the risk of SIDS if you follow all other safer sleep advice.

This includes placing your baby on his or her back for all sleeps, in their own separate cot or Moses basket and keeping them smoke free throughout pregnancy and after birth.

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