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Young Parents Q & A: Ellie asks her kids some fun questions!

Little Lullaby asked young parents to contribute a question and answer video with their kids and we got a few. […]

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Being a dad

The importance of fellowship for young dads

Do you have a network of other young parents that support each other? Kevin reflects on the importance of fellowship for young dads. 

Supporting my child's learning at home - connecting with the school

Kevin told us about the journey he's been on, his thoughts on supporting my child's learning at home, whilst co-parenting.

Embarrassing parent moments: our young parents share theirs

Hear young parents answer, 'What's your most embarrassing moment as a parent?'

How people react to young dads: I felt I was treated differently

Ruben spoke to us about how people react to young dads.

What I'm most proud of as a young dad

We asked young dad, Ruben what he's most proud of as a young dad. Find out what he had to say!

"I felt I was treated differently as a dad"

Kai's dad, Rodney shares how he's been treated differently to his partner during pre and post natal appointments.

Child care is much easier now my son’s at school

Young dad at 17, Kevin discusses the child care options available now that his son is at school.

Tips for working with social workers

Dad at 17, Kevin shares some great tips for young parents working with social workers.

Advice for young parents requesting temporary accommodation

Yound dad, Kevin, gives some great tips for fellow young parents who need support with housing.

How we reacted to our pregnancy

Young couple, Rodney and Henrietta, share their initial thoughts on Henrietta's pregnancy news.

Securing housing as a young dad

Kevin speaks about the challenges he faced as a young dad securing housing for himself and his son.

How being a dad has changed me

Young dad, Ruben, shares how he's changed since becoming a dad.

How I bonded with my newborn son

Young dad, Rodney, shares some ways he bonded with his newborn son, Kai.

Spending time together as a couple since having children

Ellie shares how spending time with her partner has changed since becoming parents.

When co-parenting breaks down

Young dad, Ruben, reflects on his own co-parenting experience.

Our relationship has become stronger since our son was born

Young couple Henrietta and Rodney reflect on how their relationship has changed since their son Kai was born.

When being a dad became real for me

Young dad, Ruben, speaks about the moment being a dad became real for him.

How being a dad has changed me

Young dad at 21, Ismail, speaks about how he's changed since becoming a parent.

My partner is a great mum!

Kai's dad, Rodney, shares why he thinks his partner, young mum Henrietta is a great mum to their son!

My partner is a great dad!

Young mum, Henrietta, shares why she thinks her partner, Rodney is a great dad to their son, Kai!

A message for Father's Day!

We asked our young mums if they had a message for the special men in their lives for Father's Day.

Becoming a single dad – Kevin’s experience

Young dad, Kevin, shares his story of becoming a single dad and primary carer of his son.

The benefits of being a young parent

Young mums, Richelle, Libby and Ellie remind us of the positives of being a young parent!

When do you think you should introduce a new partner to your children?

Young mum of 2, Geneva, gives her opinion on when to introduce a new partner to your children.

Tips for living with your partner 

We asked young mum, Jess, about the challenges of moving in with a partner.

My experience of bonding late with my son

Young dad, Ismail offers advice to anyone who might be getting to know their child at a later stage.

Becoming the primary carer of my son

Kevin, dad at 17, talks about becoming the primary carer of his son.

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

We asked a few of our young parents what their fave thing about Christmas is! 

What are your Christmas traditions?

Young parents share their family Christmas traditions with us.

What to do if you're feeling lonely or sad this Christmas

If you’re a young parent in this position, we’ve put together some ideas for how you can spend your time over the festive period.

Being a working, single dad

Ismail shared how his working life has changed since becoming the primary carer of his son.

The highs and lows of co-parenting

Amber, from Teen Mom UK, spoke to us about the highs and lows of co-parenting with her ex-boyfriend.

Tips for co-parenting experience

Young dad, Ruben speaks about the importance of communication when co-parenting.

What I'm most proud of as a young dad

Ismail, 24, shared with the Little Lullaby team what he is most proud of as a dad.

Advice for going through the housing process

Young dad Kevin, shares his tips and experience for going through the housing process.

Tips for taking your baby out this summer

Shanice and Jayde from Busy Baby, Happy Baby give us their advice for taking your little one(s) out and about while the weather is warm :)

Keeping kids safe - advice from the RoSPA

Bumps and scrapes are all part of growing up. But how do you help prevent more serious accidents happening to your baby?

The importance of dads: Stephanie's story of single parenthood

"In this generation we are so quick to give up on fathers an have the 'I can do it alone' mentality."

4 things you'll hear as a young parent (and how to deal with them)

"Planning my life around fatherhood wasn't impossible. But I hadn’t prepared for the reactions of my friends and family."

There is no manual for parenthood, so never give up on your goals

"You are not a failure just because you may have to finish something you started a while ago."