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Feeling pressures during pregnancy

Young mum at 20, Sarah, shares her experience of the external pressures that many women go through during pregnancy. My […]

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Being a mum

Managing as a young mum with a special needs baby

Two years after the birth of her daughter, Esther talks about some of the challenges of being a young mum with a child who has special needs

Difficult birth as a young mum: my daughter was worth it

Did you have a difficult birth as a young mum? Hollie talks about the birth of her daughter Beau, and the way her age affected her treatment. 

Graduating from uni with a daughter: my greatest achievement

Maria shares her experience of graduating from uni with a daughter, and why it's her greatest achievement. She almost dropped out.

What impact has your mum had on your parenting?

What impact has your mum had on your parenting? Geneva talks about the lessons she's learned from her mum when it comes to her own parenting. 

Pushing through uni with a second pregnancy

Jayde fell pregnant with her second baby while she was at university, and with the support of her partner, decided to stick it out. Listen to her experience of uni with a second pregnancy.

I couldn't remember labour the second time around

Verona shares her experience (or lack of memory of it) of giving birth to her second child. Here's Verona's story of labour the second time around.

Having a baby changes your relationship with your sister

Libby talks about how having a baby changes your relationship with your sister. Both she and her sister have babies the same age. 

Creating safer sleep spaces for your baby as a young parent

Geneva talks about her experience of discussing creating safer sleep spaces for your baby with health professionals and her advice for them.

Breastfeeding as a young mum was tricky: my experience

Maria wrote about her experience of breastfeeding as a young mum, and how she worked with her midwife to get the hang of it. 

Bedtime routine - how do you put your kids to bed?

Are they afraid of the dark or do they sleep right through? Young parents share their bedtime routine and how it can go well, and sometimes not perfectly. 

Bathroom labour story - I gave birth in the loo

Maria gave birth to her daughter in an unexpected place. She told us her bathroom labour story. My birth experience, nothing went as planned.

Being judged in public as a young mum - how I dealt with it

Sharmika experienced a lot of judgement when out in public with her son as a young mum. She talked to us about how she dealt with it. 

How I went from benefits to work as a parent, credits to wages

This year Opal made the transition from benefits to work, with the help of her mum and her daughter's dad. She writes about making this shift.

Overcoming loneliness as a new young mum

Hear how work and friendship helped Hollie with overcoming loneliness as a new young mum.

Living alone with my daughter: the pros and cons

Elsa left home when she was pregnant and started living alone with her daughter. She explains the pros and cons.

Juggling GCSEs with a baby: my advice for young parents

My little boy was five-months-old when I went back to school and about one-year-old when I was just starting my GCSEs with a baby.

My advice for parents struggling with their mental health

Mum to Cavalhi, Rianna shares some advice for other young parents who are struggling with their mental health.

Managing anxiety after birth: how I got help

Ellie sought help with managing anxiety after her son was born. Watch her story.

Embarrassing parent moments: our young parents share theirs

Hear young parents answer, 'What's your most embarrassing moment as a parent?'

After giving birth: how did you feel after your baby was born?

Hear some of our young parent's talk about how they felt after giving birth.

Telling religious parents you're pregnant: how it went for me

Young mum to Kendra, Alia shares some advice for telling strict parents that you're pregnant.

Being a mum-of-two is much easier than being mum-of-one

Hear why young mum, Shilpa, finds being a mum of two easier than being mummy to one!

Tips for discussing disabilities with your child

Young mum, Sharmika gives some great advice on where to start discussing disabilities with your child.

My birth story - by Cheree

Mum at 15, Cheree shares her birth story.

Introducing a vegan diet to your children

Young mum to Delilah, Libby discusses her daughter's vegan diet.

My experience with baby-led weaning

Young mum of 2, Ellie shares why baby-led weaning worked best with her two boys.

Follow through with routine

Young mum, Verona shares why she has to follow through with routine with her two daughters.

I plan big parties for my children!

Young mum of 2, Geneva shares why she loves planning big parties for her two boys!

Potty training my son has been difficult

Teen mum, Jayde speaks about the challenges she's faced in potty training her son.

The importance of routine

Young mum at 18 to Mia, Opal, talks about the importance of routine.

How my body changed after giving birth

Young mum, Libby, talks about the changes she's noticed to her body after giving birth.

Tips for co-parenting

Mum at 15, Jayde shares her experience of co-parenting so far.

How has having a child changed you as a person?

Hear our young parents answer, 'how does having a child change you as a person?'

My post-birth hospital experience

Teen mum at 15, Sholar talks about her hospital experiences after giving birth to her son and daughter.

I’m a solo parent at 23

Young mum to Maia, Ruby, fell pregnant with her daughter during university and shares some advice for other solo parents.

How we reacted to our pregnancy

Young couple, Rodney and Henrietta, share their initial thoughts on Henrietta's pregnancy news.

My parents pushed me to finish my education

Young mum, Harriet shares why she's glad her parents pushed her to finish university after the birth of her daughter, Rosie.

The challenges of getting a job as a young parent

Shilpa shares what she finds challenging about getting a job as a young mum of 2.

What would you say to your pregnant self?

Hear our young parents answer 'What would you say to yourself when you first found out your were pregnant?'

Things I'd do differently with baby number two

Mum at 15, Jayde, shares what she'd like to differently with baby number two.

My pregnancy journey - by Tamera

Tamera has written about her pregnancy journey with both of her children.

I didn't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public

Young mum, Hollie shares how she felt about breastfeeding in public

How to tell your parents that you're pregnant

Young mum, Rianna, shares some tips for telling your parents that you're pregnant.

Celebrating my son’s first birthday

Young mum, Jess, speaks about the pressures she felt in preparing for her son, Kaylan's first birthday.

How my relationship with my mum’s changed since becoming a mum

Ellie shares how her relationship with her own mum has changed since becoming a young mum of 2 boys.

Did you experience judgement for being a young parent?

Young mum, Libby, shares her experience of facing judgement as a young parent.

I did my GCSE exams 2 days after giving birth!

Mum at 15, Cheree, shares her experience of taking her GCSE exams two days after giving birth.

What I find challenging about single parenting

Young mum, Farrah shares what she's found most challenging about being a single parent.

My career plans have changed since having children

Verona shared how her career plans have changed since becoming a young mum of 2.

Telling family about my pregnancy

Follow young mum, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 4 of 4 vlogs.

My school was supportive during my pregnancy

Teen mum, Abi, shares how her school supported her during her pregnancy with daughter, Samantha.

Initial reactions to being pregnant at 14

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she first felt when she found out she was pregnant at 14.

Who I told first about my pregnancy

Young mum at 18, Opal, shares who she told first about her pregnancy.

Spending time together as a couple since having children

Ellie shares how spending time with her partner has changed since becoming parents.

Telling my partner that I wanted to keep our baby

Follow young mum, Cheree on her journey to motherhood. Part 3 of 4 vlogs.

Being a mum and studying a Masters Degree!

Young mum, Farrah, shares her plans to start a Masters degree.

I found my second pregnancy much harder

Young mum of two, Geneva, shares why she found her pregnancy with her second son, Luca more difficult.

Dealing with toddler tantrums

See how young mum, Richelle, deals with toddler tantrums in her vlog!

'My midwife experience' by Loren, mum at 18

Young mum at 18, Loren, talks about her two very different experiences with her midwives.

Getting back to being yourself after having children

Young mum, Nelle, shares how she's learnt to be happy in her own skin.

Telling school I was pregnant

Follow young mum at 15, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 2 of 4 vlogs.

Thinking about contraception after giving birth

Young mum at 15, Jayde, speaks about the importance of thinking about contraception after giving birth.

Our relationship has become stronger since our son was born

Young couple Henrietta and Rodney reflect on how their relationship has changed since their son Kai was born.

What has your child taught you?

Watch our young parents answer the question, 'what's your child taught you?'

How I felt about my son starting school

Young mum, Leigh, shares how her son is finding big school and her plans now she has more time on her hands.

My relationship with my son

Young, single mum, Nelle, speaks about her special relationship with her son.

'My birth story' by Libby, mum at 20

Young mum at 20, Libby, has shared her birth story with Little Lullaby.

How we're involving our children in our wedding

Young mum of 2, Sophie, shares how her children will be involved in their wedding plans.

Breastfeeding jargon explained!

We’ve put together a guide of breastfeeding terms you will most likely hear if you breastfeed your baby.

I had more than one midwife

Young mum, Leigh, speaks about her relationship with her midwives.

What not to say to a young parent

Young parents tell us what NOT to say to a young parent!

Friendships can change when you become a parent

Friends and young mums, Tamera and Megan speak about how they're friendships have changed since becoming parents.

I want to go back and finish college

Young mum of 2, Alicia shares her hopes of returning to college.

My experience of being pregnant at 14

Mum at 15, Natasha, shares her story and the prejudice she experienced as a young mum.

Finding support during pregnancy and after birth

Young mum, Leanne shares what makes her feel better when she has a down day.

Breastfeeding in public – Opal’s experience

Young mum at 18, Opal, shares her experience of breastfeeding in public.

Managing two children under 2

Young mum of two, Geneva, shares how she manages her two boys.

I had anxiety about my post-birth body

Young mum, Ellie shares how she felt about her body image after having her son, Isaac.

Advice for going through pregnancy on your own

Young mum, Annabel shares how she felt about facing pregnancy and motherhood as a single parent.

How I felt after giving birth to my daughter

Young mum, Libby shares how she felt after giving birth to her daughter Delilah.

Experiencing anxiety after birth

Young mum, Sarah writes about her anxiety after the birth of her son, Leo.

What I love about having two children

Young mum of 2, Niechelle, shares what she loves about parenting two little ones!

My breastfeeding experience – by Opal

Young mum to Mia, Opal, shares her breastfeeding experience and tips.

Tips for birthing partners

Young mum, Farrah, shares some great tips for birth partners.

My partner is a great mum!

Kai's dad, Rodney, shares why he thinks his partner, young mum Henrietta is a great mum to their son!

What do you find most challenging as a mum?

We asked young parents what the most challenging thing about being a mum is for them.

How I overcame my postnatal depression

Young mum, Sylvia, shared her experience of overcoming postnatal depression.

Becoming a parent made me more determined to achieve my dreams

Young mum Ayesha, 21, talks about achieving her dreams!

Why I love using cloth nappies

Young mum of 2, Ellie, shares why she's chosen to use cloth nappies for both of her boys.

Advice for second-time mums

Some advice for mums expecting their second baby from young mum, Alicia.

Moving out at 16 with my son - Kaiya’s experience

Kaiya, mum at 16, shares her story of moving out at 16.

My daughter Delilah's first year

Young mum to Delilah, Libby, shares how her first year with her daughter has been.

What I want to teach my children

We asked our young parents what they would like to teach their children!

The week I tried to stop breastfeeding

Young mum, Madison, talks about the week she weaned she weaned Zarah off breastfeeding.

I was judged whilst I was pregnant with my son

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she has dealt with being judged for being a young parent.

Moving away from my family during my pregnancy

Young mum, Jess, shares how she has found moving away from her family and in with her partner.

The benefits of being a young parent

Young mums, Richelle, Libby and Ellie remind us of the positives of being a young parent!

The importance of support from teachers

Young mum, Sharmika, shares her experience of being pregnant at sixth form and college.

Preparing my daughter to be a big sister!

Young mum, Alicia, shares how she is preparing her daughter, Nijiah to become a big sister!

When do you think you should introduce a new partner to your children?

Young mum of 2, Geneva, gives her opinion on when to introduce a new partner to your children.

Planning a birthday party can be stressful!

Mum at 15, Kaiya, speaks about the pressure that comes with planning for her son's birthday!

I'm proud of my post-birth body!

Young mum of two, Sophie, shared why she loves her post-birth body!

My experience of being a young mum at 16

Young mum, Jodie, shares her experience of becoming a mum at 15.

A message for Grandma

This little message from young mum, Sholar and her daughter, Lashae might just melt your heart!

A message for Mother's Day!

We asked young parents if they had a message for the special ladies in their lives for Mother's Day.

How has your relationship with your mum changed since becoming a mum?

We asked young parents how their relationship with their own mum has changed since becoming a mum.

What I'm most proud of as a young mum

Here's young mum, Nikiah, sharing what she is most proud of about her daughter, R'miah.

My advice for college teachers - by Kaiya

Mum at 15, Kaiya, offers some advice for college teachers on how to better support young mums at college.

My advice for employers - by Libby

Young mum, Libby shares some advice for employers on how to better support expectant mums.

Our first 12 months together

Young mum, Leanne, shares how the first year as Aveya's mummy has been!

How becoming a parent changes your relationship

We spoke to young mum, Sophie, about how her relationship with her partner changed after her daughter.

I became a midwife after I had my children

Fiona, mum at 19, shares how she became a midwife after having her babies.

Tips for living with your partner 

We asked young mum, Jess, about the challenges of moving in with a partner.

Our potty training journey

Young mum, Sophie, shares how potty training her daughter, Delilah, is going!

What I find most challenging as a mum

Young mum, Sharmika, shared what she finds most challenging as a mum.

Day-to-day challenges of motherhood

Young mum, Libby, talks about her day-to-day challenges as a new mum.

Ellie's home birth story

Young mum, Ellie, shares her home birth experience of second son, Oliver.

Ways I look after myself - part 1

In this three-part series, young mum, Nelle, discusses the ways she takes some time for herself.

How I manage my mental health

Harriet shares how she felt during her pregnancy and what's helped her to manage her mental health.

Do you support each other with parenting?

We asked young mums, Tamera and Megan if they support each other with parenting.

I've been judged for being a young mum

Young mum at 16, Emily, shared her experience of being judged.

My friend was first to know I was pregnant!

Young mum, Leigh speaks about how her friendships changed when she became a mum to son, Jayden.

How I dealt with feeling alone

Being a young parent can be lonely. Here's some advice from young mum, Nikiah, on feeling alone.

What I'm proud of as a young mum

We asked Alicia what she's most proud of as a young mum.

Back to education after having children: my advice

Young mum of 2 daughters, Shannon, shares some helpful advice.

What I want to teach my son

Young mum, Jess shares what she wants to teach her son, Kaylan.

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

We asked a few of our young parents what their fave thing about Christmas is! 

What are your Christmas traditions?

Young parents share their family Christmas traditions with us.

Choosing a nursery for my son

Young mum, Loren, shares some things to think about when deciding on the right nursery for your child.

What is a pushing present?

Young mum, Jess, shared with us what a pushing present is and what she got!

Advice for co-parenting at Christmas

Co-parenting can be tricky and sometimes Christmas can make things more complicated.

I went back into education after having children

After having 2 children, Shannon is studying to be a nurse and shared with us what it's like back in education.

What to do if you're feeling lonely or sad this Christmas

If you’re a young parent in this position, we’ve put together some ideas for how you can spend your time over the festive period.

Why I wanted to start my own business

Young mum, Henrietta shares why she wanted to start her own business after having her son, Kai.

Being a parent and living with my parents

Young mum, Libby, shares how she is finding living with her parents and daughter, Delilah.

Becoming a Young Parent Ambassador has been life changing

Young mum, Leanne shares how becoming a Young Parent Ambassador has changed her life!

Preparing my son for his little brother

Young mum, Ellie, tells us how she is preparing her 2-year-old son, Isaac for his little brother.

I went travelling in Australia with my 7-year-old!

Young mum, Charlotte, shared her experience of travelling in Australia with her 7-year-old son.

Pregnant together, friends forever!

Young mums, Megan and Tamera, met at college and found out they were pregnant in the same week!

The highs and lows of co-parenting

Amber, from Teen Mom UK, spoke to us about the highs and lows of co-parenting with her ex-boyfriend.

Changes to my body after giving birth

Young mum, Richelle, shares about the changes she noticed after giving birth to her son, Zachary.

6 tips for surviving and thriving at uni

Young mum, Nelle, offers some tips to other parents studying at university!

The challenges of being a single parent

Young mum, Leigh, speaks about the challenges of being a single parent (as well as the benefits!)

What I was worried about as a young mum

Young mum, Elsa, shared with the Little Lullaby team what she was worried about when her daughter was born.

Teaching my son about Black History

Linda, mum at 18, shared with us how she's teaching her son about Black History.

Changes to your body after giving birth - breast size

Young mum, Loren, reminds us to embrace the changes to our bodies after giving birth!

How I balance studying, work and being a mum

Young mum Tamera, gives some advice for balancing work, studying and being a mum.

Moving into our first family home

Young mum Henrietta lives with her partner Rodney and their son Kai. She shared with us how it's going.

Completing my A levels at 9 months pregnant

Young mum at 17, Ellie, talks about completing her A Levels whilst 9 months pregnant.

The importance of support by Mia from Teen Mom UK

Mia, from Teen Mom UK, speaks about the importance of support.

How I dealt with depression during pregnancy and after

To mark World Mental Health Day, we spoke with young mum, Leanne, about dealing with depression.

How I deal with my baby's allergies - by Megan

Megan, mum at 17, shares the challenges of dealing with her daughter Nevaeh's allergies.

5 things I do to look after myself - by Henrietta

Young mum Henrietta shares with us the 5 things she does to look after herself.

How I balance work and family - Megan Teen Mom UK

Megan, from Teen Mom UK, shares her experience of balancing work and family and some advice so starting back to work.

Three things I want to achieve - by Sholar

Sholar, who became a mum at 15, shared with us what she wants to achieve and how she stays motivated to reach her goals!

Don't forget date night!

Thanks to Chloe Patton, from Teen Mom UK, for the reminder to not forget date night!

How my midwife impacted my pregnancy - Ellie's experience

Young mum, Ellie shared with us her midwife experience during her pregnancy with her son Isaac.

How becoming a mum changed me for the better

Sassi, from MTV's Teen Mom UK, shares with us how she's changed since having her daughter Zena'ya.

Starting the nursery process - ask questions!

Young mum of 2, Sophie, shares her experience of starting her daughter at nursery.

My baby's first 12 months - Elsa and Zarah

Young Parent Ambassador, Elsa shares with us how her first year as mum to daughter Zarah is going.

How to help your child adjust to their new sibling

Geneva talks about what she found useful to help Mason adjust to his new little brother arriving.

My experience of living in a mother and baby unit

Young mum to Aveya, Leanne, spoke about her positive experience of living in a mother and baby unit.

Dealing with reactions to my pregnancy

Tamera, young mum to Lily, talks about how she dealt with reactions to her pregnancy.

How becoming a mum impacted my friendships - Richelle's experience

Young mum Richelle, shares with us how becoming a parent impacted her friendships and how she was able to involve her friends in bringing up her son Zachary.

Changes to your body after giving birth - breastfeeding

Some of the changes to our bodies after giving birth might come as a surprise. Ellie shares how breastfeeding changed her body.

Why I wanted to become a Young Parent Ambassador - by Sholar

Sholar, who became a mum at 15, shares with us why she wanted to become a Young Parent Ambassador.

How my midwife impacted my pregnancy - Sophie's experience

Sophie shares the different experiences she had for each of her pregnancies and how important it is to form a good relationship with your midwife.

Becoming a mum at 19 - Madison's story

Madison, young mum to Zarah, talks about becoming a mum at 19 including the challenges she's faced.

What I'm most proud of - Megan from Teen Mom UK

Megan from Teen Mom UK shares with the Little Lullaby team what she is most proud of as a mum.

Starting your child at nursery: Leigh's experience

Leigh, young mum to Jayden, shares her experience of starting her son at nursery.

When your friend's child has a health condition – the quick(ish) guide

Holly, young mum to Poppy gives a quick-ish guide on what to do when your friend's child has a health condition.

The importance of saving money

Chloe from Teen Mom UK explains the importance of saving money.

My three biggest challenges I've faced as a mum

Sophie, young mum to Rosie talks about her three biggest challenges she's faced as a mum.

Coping with the 'Terrible Twos'

Discover how Amber, from Teen Mom UK, copes with the terrific and 'Terrible Twos!'

How do you deal with tantrums?

Are you finding it difficult to approach your little one's tantrums? We asked a couple of the lovely young mums on our Young Parent Panel and Teen Mom UK about how they deal with tantrums.

Advice for new mums - keeping calm

Sassi, from Teen Mom UK offers advice for other young mums who've just found out they're pregnant and how to remain calm when the going gets tough.

Being a new mum - How I deal with family opinions

"If you need help obviously ask ... but if you feel like everyone’s getting on top of you telling you what to do then just say to them ‘it’s my baby.'"

It's not that easy - challenges I still face as a young mum

Find out more about the challenges Jayde faces as a young mum of 1. Here she talks about early mornings, education and work.

I'm not a perfect mum - there's no such thing!

"There's no rules or handbook to parenting, just do your best that you can do."

Tips for taking your baby out this summer

Shanice and Jayde from Busy Baby, Happy Baby give us their advice for taking your little one(s) out and about while the weather is warm :)

What it's like to be treated differently as a young mum

Sophie on the challenges she faced when looking for work as a young mum, and how you can get free support if you're having similar problems.

Life in my shoes as a young parent: the ups and downs

"As long as you stay focused and do what you love, you are destined for happiness."

My daughter is my best friend and my motivation

"I honestly can’t wait for what my future holds."

Adjusting to life as a working mum: my experience

"I hope that I'm now giving her a little bit of inspiration; maybe being a bit more of a role model than I have been before."

Why I'm giving up my time to support other young mum

"There's a lot of organisations that are out there that young mums just don't know about."

How to help your child after the death of a loved one

Harriet's practical advice on helping your child through the death of someone they're close to.

6 tips for staying focused on your future as a young parent

"How are we supposed to stay motivated for something we’re looking to achieve 1, 2, 3, or even 5 years from now? No doubt it’s difficult. But it is doable."

5 things I learned being a young mum

Linda - who had her son when she was 18 - looks back on her time as a young mum and the lessons she learned along the way.

Young parents: never feel like you're going through it alone

"Young mums need to know that there are women who have been in their situations who've got their back."

Dating as a young mum: what I’ve learned

Adding a baby to your family can put a strain on your relationship with your partner at the best of times, but what about when you add a new partner to an existing family unit?

5 small things you can do to support an additional needs parent

"Showing kindness, sharing a warm smile and asking a genuine ‘how are you?’ could be the small things needed to lift our spirits."

My simple piece of advice for other young mums

Harriet's advice on achieving your dreams and staying true to yourself.

Keeping kids safe - advice from the RoSPA

Bumps and scrapes are all part of growing up. But how do you help prevent more serious accidents happening to your baby?

What to pack in your baby bag

Young mum-of-two Sophie runs through what she packs every day in her baby bag when she's out and about with Delilah and Indiana :)

Finding my place in the world of motherhood

"Trying to find mum-friends when your self confidence is at rock bottom is scary and daunting."

5 things I wish I'd known before becoming a mum

I became a mummy a lot sooner than I thought I would. I had just turned 18 and a month later my little bubba boy entered this world.

How being a mum has changed me

Happy Mother's Day! Ellie explains how her life has changed for the better since she had her baby boy, Isaac.

A day in the life of a young working mum

Young mum Linda lets us into her life as a working parent...

What I wish I’d known before I became a parent

"I know that kids are great for not doing what you want them to, so I’ve decided to shed the expectations, take every moment as it comes and just enjoy raising my children as best I can."

5 things I want to achieve in my 20s (and how I motivate myself)

"Having a baby at 15 was certainly a challenge... Yet here I am today, aged 23 and my son aged 8, living a wonderful life."

Tia Ward talks dating struggles with young mum Yasmin Elizabeth

Bloggers Tia Ward and Yasmin Elizabeth have teamed up to talk about everything to do with young single motherhood - don't miss this video!

My journey as a single parent wasn’t easy, but I made it

"If I knew about the services and how important it was to talk to people about how I was feeling then I think I would of enjoyed pregnancy a bit more."

A year of cuteness! Our 2016 photo album

Here's to a 2017 filled cute smiles, giggles and happy mummies! Here are our favourite photos by young mums and dads from 2016.

6 things that surprised me about motherhood

"I always knew I'd love the babies but I never, ever imagined how intense it would be."

What happens at antenatal appointments? Morgan's experience

Young mum Morgan on how going to her antenatal appointments may have saved her baby’s life.

How to achieve anything as a young mum: Amber's advice

"If you've got your mind set on something then you need to go for it."

Why I love being a mum: my top 5 magic moments

"Just out of nowhere and I cried my eyes out, obviously happy tears! That was a truly magical moment."

"You’re thrown in at the deep end": Lettie's advice for new mums

"You’ve got this big baby bump and everyone is staring at you. You just feel people are judging you because of your age."

5 super-cute facts about your baby

5 things you probably didn't know about your baby!

Teen Mom UK episode 5 recap: Loren's reaction

"Wow, Raphael has took the player game up a few levels hasn't he?"

Being me… and mum: 4 ways to de-stress on a budget

"To be a great parent, you need to have time to do things for you."

Teen Mom UK star Naomi vlogs for us! "My 3 biggest ambitions..."

"You can't stop me just because I've had a baby young. If anything it just motivates me to really do good for myself."

Teen Mom UK news: Megan is pregnant again... and it's a girl!

Teen Mom UK star Megan Ferrari is expecting the arrival of a baby girl - a sister for McKenzie in April 2017!

Teen Mom UK episode 3 recap: Loren's reaction!

I've just watched the new episode of Teen Mum UK and what can I say, amazing!

5 challenges all single mums will understand (and how I coped)

"Seeing my son happy, healthy and constantly smiling was a constant reminder of what a great job I was doing."

Teen Mom UK episode 2 recap: Stephanie's verdict!

"My heart bleeds for Megan... how could he!!... and then have the nerve to propose to her."

Chloe from Teen Mom UK vlogs for us! "5 motherhood surprises"

Chloe Patton from MTV's Teen Mom UK vlogs for us on the 5 things that surprised her about pregnancy and motherhood... from being kicked in the ribs to leaky nipples!

10 ways to keep kids busy indoors this winter

Make the most of your time at home by trying these super simple autumn winter crafts!

MTV's Teen Mom UK episode one recap: Ellie's verdict on the new show

Last night the first episode of MTV's Teen Mom UK aired and we got to see the five mothers, their beautiful children, the highs and lows that come with becoming a parent.

Teen Mom UK puts young mums in the spotlight!

The five young mums will set out to show that age is just a number when it comes to parenting.

13 young mum bloggers we love, and how to follow them

Here are a few of our favourite young mum bloggers and where to follow them on Instagram...

The importance of dads: Stephanie's story of single parenthood

"In this generation we are so quick to give up on fathers an have the 'I can do it alone' mentality."

How to find your new home (with a little one in tow!)

So, we got an offer for a house and I am absolutely over the moon!

23 things to do and consider before you give birth

The moment those lines on a pregnancy test tell us we're going to have a baby, there's one that every parent-to-be feels: overwhelmed.

Being a mum-of-two is not easy, but it's 100% worth it

"Being a mum of two has changed my life even more than I thought it was going to..."

30 reasons I love being a young mum

"I had MSN as a teenager so I’ve experienced the perks and pitfalls of being a kid with a social media account."

Young, pregnant and proud of it!

Young mum Sarah's advice for young parents worried about being judged.

There is no manual for parenthood, so never give up on your goals

"You are not a failure just because you may have to finish something you started a while ago."

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