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Graduating from uni with a daughter: my greatest achievement

Maria shares her experience of graduating from uni with a daughter, and why it’s her greatest achievement. She almost dropped out.

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Graduating from uni with a daughter: my greatest achievement

Maria shares her experience of graduating from uni with a daughter, and why it's her greatest achievement. She almost dropped out.

Pushing through uni with a second pregnancy

Jayde fell pregnant with her second baby while she was at university, and with the support of her partner, decided to stick it out. Listen to her experience of uni with a second pregnancy.

Supporting my child's learning at home - connecting with the school

Kevin told us about the journey he's been on, his thoughts on supporting my child's learning at home, whilst co-parenting.

I went into labour at school - during my exams!

Falling pregnant at 15 was scary enough but when I found out my due date was the last week of my GCSES it was terrifying. I was scared i wouldn’t complete all of my GCSES. As it turned out I went into labour at school - during my exams.

Juggling GCSEs with a baby: my advice for young parents

My little boy was five-months-old when I went back to school and about one-year-old when I was just starting my GCSEs with a baby.

Tips for discussing disabilities with your child

Young mum, Sharmika gives some great advice on where to start discussing disabilities with your child.

I couldn’t continue university after falling pregnant

Young mum of 2, Shilpa shares why she couldn't continue her degree at university.

My parents pushed me to finish my education

Young mum, Harriet shares why she's glad her parents pushed her to finish university after the birth of her daughter, Rosie.

I did my GCSE exams 2 days after giving birth!

Mum at 15, Cheree, shares her experience of taking her GCSE exams two days after giving birth.

My career plans have changed since having children

Verona shared how her career plans have changed since becoming a young mum of 2.

Being a mum and studying a Masters Degree!

Young mum, Farrah, shares her plans to start a Masters degree.

Telling school I was pregnant

Follow young mum at 15, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 2 of 4 vlogs.

Top 5 tips for exams whilst pregnant or a new mum

Young mum and student Ciara gives some top exam tips for other young parents.

How I felt about my son starting school

Young mum, Leigh, shares how her son is finding big school and her plans now she has more time on her hands.

I want to go back and finish college

Young mum of 2, Alicia shares her hopes of returning to college.

Becoming a parent made me more determined to achieve my dreams

Young mum Ayesha, 21, talks about achieving her dreams!

Dealing with nursery nerves

Young mum, Tamera, shares some of her worries her daughter, Lily-Ivy starting at nursery.

Falling pregnant at 17 during college

Young mum, Leanne, shares how she felt about falling pregnant whilst studying at college.

The importance of support from teachers

Young mum, Sharmika, shares her experience of being pregnant at sixth form and college.

My experience of being a young mum at 16

Young mum, Jodie, shares her experience of becoming a mum at 15.

My advice for college teachers - by Kaiya

Mum at 15, Kaiya, offers some advice for college teachers on how to better support young mums at college.

My advice for sixth form teachers - by Shannon

Young mum of 2 daughters, Shannon, offers some advice to sixth form teachers.

Back to education after having children: my advice

Young mum of 2 daughters, Shannon, shares some helpful advice.

Choosing a nursery for my son

Young mum, Loren, shares some things to think about when deciding on the right nursery for your child.

I went back into education after having children

After having 2 children, Shannon is studying to be a nurse and shared with us what it's like back in education.

Becoming a Young Parent Ambassador has been life changing

Young mum, Leanne shares how becoming a Young Parent Ambassador has changed her life!

6 tips for surviving and thriving at uni

Young mum, Nelle, offers some tips to other parents studying at university!

Why I want to become a Young Parent Ambassador

Libby, mum at 20, speaks about why she wants to become a Young Parent Ambassador.

Completing my A levels at 9 months pregnant

Young mum at 17, Ellie, talks about completing her A Levels whilst 9 months pregnant.

Three things I want to achieve - by Sholar

Sholar, who became a mum at 15, shared with us what she wants to achieve and how she stays motivated to reach her goals!

Starting the nursery process - ask questions!

Young mum of 2, Sophie, shares her experience of starting her daughter at nursery.

Why I wanted to become a Young Parent Ambassador - by Sholar

Sholar, who became a mum at 15, shares with us why she wanted to become a Young Parent Ambassador.

Starting your child at nursery: Leigh's experience

Leigh, young mum to Jayden, shares her experience of starting her son at nursery.

It's not that easy - challenges I still face as a young mum

Find out more about the challenges Jayde faces as a young mum of 1. Here she talks about early mornings, education and work.

Adjusting to life as a working mum: my experience

"I hope that I'm now giving her a little bit of inspiration; maybe being a bit more of a role model than I have been before."

6 tips for staying focused on your future as a young parent

"How are we supposed to stay motivated for something we’re looking to achieve 1, 2, 3, or even 5 years from now? No doubt it’s difficult. But it is doable."

Being a young student mum hasn't been an easy ride, but I survived

"I worked hard and studied, took my GCSEs in slow labour and achieved mostly As and Bs. Not too shabby for a girl with 'no prospects or future', hey?"

Young parents: never feel like you're going through it alone

"Young mums need to know that there are women who have been in their situations who've got their back."

My simple piece of advice for other young mums

Harriet's advice on achieving your dreams and staying true to yourself.

Leaving your baby with a child minder: Richelle's experience

Young mum Richelle talks about how she felt leaving her son Zac with a child minder when she started college and her advice for finding one that you can trust.

Being a student parent: how I balance college, work AND motherhood!

Richelle on the ups and downs of her journey and her advice on managing your priorities.

15 things to consider when you apply to uni as a young parent

Hello all, I'm Hannah. I'm 21 and figuring out how to write a dissertation while also coping with an independent 3-year-old!

How to establish a schedule and get more done!

Linda, who got pregnant when she was 17, gives her advice on establishing a schedule and how it helped her get more done as a working parent.

How to tell your employer that you're pregnant

Linda's advice on your rights as a working mum-to-be, plus where to go for help.

Dealing with 'working mum guilt': Linda's advice

Linda's shares her advice for dealing with the guilt that naturally comes with being a working parent.

There is no manual for parenthood, so never give up on your goals

"You are not a failure just because you may have to finish something you started a while ago."

I’m working for me and my son's future

I can’t pretend that it's easy. But I enjoy shooting down all those “your life is over” comments...

Tips for studying and doing your exams while pregnant

Richelle's top tips for juggling pregnancy with studying for exams.