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Understanding some Necessary Details about Nursing a Baby in the Neonatal Unit

Every year, over 100,000 babies are cared for in neonatal units in the UK. This is because they have either been born […]

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Managing as a young mum with a special needs baby

Two years after the birth of her daughter, Esther talks about some of the challenges of being a young mum with a child who has special needs

What I wish I knew about pregnancy and birth

What do you wish you'd known about pregnancy and birth? From budgeting for baby to the labour itself, our young parents share their insights and what they wish they knew about pregnancy and birth. 

Healing from a C-section - my tips for recovery

Alia gave birth to her daughter via Caesarean section at 19 - she shares her advice for healing from a C-section. 

My birth story - by Cheree

Mum at 15, Cheree shares her birth story.

Getting back to being yourself after having children

Young mum, Nelle, shares how she's learnt to be happy in her own skin.

Finding support during pregnancy and after birth

Young mum, Leanne shares what makes her feel better when she has a down day.

The Lullaby Trust develops Baby Check app

The Lullaby Trust has developed a free app called Baby Check. Find out more!

Being a parent with a disability

Young mum, Sharmika writes about how she’s raising awareness of disabilities and illnesses.

My complicated labour

Young mum, Harriet, shares her labour and birth story.

My Stoptober update

We caught up with Geneva for a Stoptober update. Find out how she's been doing.

Sharmika's birth story

Sharmika, mum at 17, shares her birth and early post-birth story.

What I was worried about as a young mum

Young mum, Elsa, shared with the Little Lullaby team what she was worried about when her daughter was born.

How I dealt with depression during pregnancy and after

To mark World Mental Health Day, we spoke with young mum, Leanne, about dealing with depression.

How to approach family and friends who smoke, before they visit

Ellie explains why it’s important to ask family and friends who smoke not to do so before visiting your new born baby.

Stoptober - Geneva's journey

This Stoptober, we're following young mum, Geneva, on her journey of giving up smoking!

How I deal with my baby's allergies - by Megan

Megan, mum at 17, shares the challenges of dealing with her daughter Nevaeh's allergies.

Changes to your body after giving birth - breastfeeding

Some of the changes to our bodies after giving birth might come as a surprise. Ellie shares how breastfeeding changed her body.

When your friend's child has a health condition – the quick(ish) guide

Holly, young mum to Poppy gives a quick-ish guide on what to do when your friend's child has a health condition.

Why go to antenatal classes for young parents?

All parents have worries or questions about birth and the weeks that follow, no matter what age you are, but antenatal classes can help alleviate those fears.

The less you smoke, the smaller the risk of SIDS for your baby

The sooner you stop smoking, the better. But stopping even in the last few weeks of your pregnancy will benefit you and your baby.

Learn how to give first aid to a choking baby in 40 seconds

If you only watch one video today, make it this one!

What it's like to stay at a Teenage Pregnancy Unit

Emily is a young mum who went to Willowbrook Place, a Teenage Parent Unit (TPU) in Maidstone, when she was 17. Here she tells her story.

10 everyday challenges for parents of children with additional needs

Sometimes it can be hard for people to know what life can be like for children with additional needs and their parents, so here are some of the most common challenges me and my son Jayden face.

How I kept motivated to quit smoking

21-year-old mum Verona shares how baby Amelia inspired her to stop smoking for good.

Safer sleep for babies: young mums explain 4 simple tips

Test your knowledge of safer sleep for babies in our true or false video.

First aid for parents: what to do if there's something wrong with your baby

Many parents worry about different conditions affecting their baby, such as finding their baby not breathing or meningitis, so it's a good idea to learn what to do in these situations.

What happens at antenatal appointments? Morgan's experience

Young mum Morgan on how going to her antenatal appointments may have saved her baby’s life.

4 yummy dinners that cost less than £1 per portion

Who said delicious food has to cost a load of money?

Why and how I use cloth nappies: Ellie's vlog

Ellie explains how she uses cloth nappies for baby Isaac in her new vlog.