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Phoebe – My birth story

Hi my name is Phoebe and I’m a mummy to a beautiful 9-month-old baby boy Azhari,  This is my birth […]

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Labour and birth

Our baby was premature: Sam's time in the neonatal unit

Our baby was premature - here's the story of Sam's birth. My pregnancy with Sam was my most difficult journey to date, the premature birth aside.

Difficult birth as a young mum: my daughter was worth it

Did you have a difficult birth as a young mum? Hollie talks about the birth of her daughter Beau, and the way her age affected her treatment. 

I couldn't remember labour the second time around

Verona shares her experience (or lack of memory of it) of giving birth to her second child. Here's Verona's story of labour the second time around.

Bathroom labour story - I gave birth in the loo

Maria gave birth to her daughter in an unexpected place. She told us her bathroom labour story. My birth experience, nothing went as planned.

What I wish I knew about pregnancy and birth

What do you wish you'd known about pregnancy and birth? From budgeting for baby to the labour itself, our young parents share their insights and what they wish they knew about pregnancy and birth. 

Healing from a C-section - my tips for recovery

Alia gave birth to her daughter via Caesarean section at 19 - she shares her advice for healing from a C-section. 

I went into labour at school - during my exams!

Falling pregnant at 15 was scary enough but when I found out my due date was the last week of my GCSES it was terrifying. I was scared i wouldn’t complete all of my GCSES. As it turned out I went into labour at school - during my exams.

After giving birth: how did you feel after your baby was born?

Hear some of our young parent's talk about how they felt after giving birth.

My birth story - by Cheree

Mum at 15, Cheree shares her birth story.

What pain relief did you use during labour?

Hear our young parents answer, 'What pain relief did you use during labour?'

My tips for labour

Mum at 15, Cheree shares her tips for labour.

My pre-birth hospital experience

Teen mum, Opal, talks about her hospital experiences before giving birth to her daughter.

My tips for birth partners

Teen mum at 16, Abi, gives her tips for birth partners.

My post-birth hospital experience

Teen mum at 15, Sholar talks about her hospital experiences after giving birth to her son and daughter.

My midwife experiences

Young mum of two, Geneva, shares her midwife experiences.

How I felt about having an emergency c-section

Young mum, Alia, shared how she felt about having an emergency c-section.

'Treat us like any other mum' - Annabel's advice for midwives

Young mum and midwife-in-training, Annabel, shares some advice for midwives.

I did my GCSE exams 2 days after giving birth!

Mum at 15, Cheree, shares her experience of taking her GCSE exams two days after giving birth.

'My midwife experience' by Loren, mum at 18

Young mum at 18, Loren, talks about her two very different experiences with her midwives.

'My birth story' by Libby, mum at 20

Young mum at 20, Libby, has shared her birth story with Little Lullaby.

I had more than one midwife

Young mum, Leigh, speaks about her relationship with her midwives.

I had anxiety about my post-birth body

Young mum, Ellie shares how she felt about her body image after having her son, Isaac.

How I felt after giving birth to my daughter

Young mum, Libby shares how she felt after giving birth to her daughter Delilah.

Tips for birthing partners

Young mum, Farrah, shares some great tips for birth partners.

Why I had a water birth

Young mum, Sophie, shares why a water birth was the best choice for her with both her son and daughter.

I chose a doula to be my birth partner

Young mum, Farrah, explains why a doula was the best birthing partner choice for her!

My complicated labour

Young mum, Harriet, shares her labour and birth story.

"I heard this beautiful, loud scream. 'He’s here!'" - Erin's birth story

Young mum, Erin, shares her birth story.

Ellie's home birth story

Young mum, Ellie, shares her home birth experience of second son, Oliver.

Sharmika's birth story

Sharmika, mum at 17, shares her birth and early post-birth story.

What to pack in your hospital bag for birth

Young mum Serena takes us through what she found useful when she gave birth to her daughter.

18 things I wish I'd known about pregnancy and giving birth

From leaky nipples and contractions to healing and umbilical cords: young mum Ellie explains...

"I shouted 'My baby, my baby’s here!'" Ellie's birth story

Ellie's honest vlog about giving birth to baby Isaac.

"I could feel every... single... thing!" Richelle's birth story

"I was crouched down, walking to A&E; that's when I could feel every... single... thing!"

23 things to do and consider before you give birth

The moment those lines on a pregnancy test tell us we're going to have a baby, there's one that every parent-to-be feels: overwhelmed.

Young mum Becca's birth story: "I'd do it again in a heartbeat"

"The universe has us on different paths for a reason, and I’m pretty happy with mine. It’ll never be perfect but it’s definitely, completely, 100% worth every second."

29 weeks pregnant and thinking about home birth

young mum, Charlotte shares why she wants a water birth