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Feeling pressures during pregnancy

Young mum at 20, Sarah, shares her experience of the external pressures that many women go through during pregnancy. My […]

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Overcoming loneliness as a new young mum

Hear how work and friendship helped Hollie with overcoming loneliness as a new young mum.

My advice for parents struggling with their mental health

Mum to Cavalhi, Rianna shares some advice for other young parents who are struggling with their mental health.

Managing anxiety after birth: how I got help

Ellie sought help with managing anxiety after her son was born. Watch her story.

Being a young parent and leaving an abusive relationship.. twice!

Young mum at 22, Genesis shares her story and advice for other young parents struggling in an abusive relationship.

My battle with mental health

Ella, young mum at 16, has shared her experience of battling with her mental health.

Becoming a young mum and my mental health

Mum at 17, Harriet, reflects on her mental health during pregnancy and the early days of motherhood.

Finding support during pregnancy and after birth

Young mum, Leanne shares what makes her feel better when she has a down day.

I had anxiety about my post-birth body

Young mum, Ellie shares how she felt about her body image after having her son, Isaac.

Experiencing anxiety after birth

Young mum, Sarah writes about her anxiety after the birth of her son, Leo.

How I overcame my postnatal depression

Young mum, Sylvia, shared her experience of overcoming postnatal depression.

How to manage stress

Katrina, mum at age 20 has written a blog about how to manage stress as a young mum.

The signs and symptoms of stress

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of stress.

Ways I look after myself - part 3

In the final of this three-part vlog series, young mum, Nelle, continues to share some ways she looks after herself.

Ways I look after myself - part 2

Young mum, Nelle, discusses the ways she takes some time for herself.

Ways I look after myself - part 1

In this three-part series, young mum, Nelle, discusses the ways she takes some time for herself.

How I manage my mental health

Harriet shares how she felt during her pregnancy and what's helped her to manage her mental health.

How I dealt with feeling alone

Being a young parent can be lonely. Here's some advice from young mum, Nikiah, on feeling alone.

What to do if you're feeling lonely or sad this Christmas

If you’re a young parent in this position, we’ve put together some ideas for how you can spend your time over the festive period.

The importance of support by Mia from Teen Mom UK

Mia, from Teen Mom UK, speaks about the importance of support.

5 tips to boost your mental health

According to research, these five things can help boost our mental wellbeing!

How I dealt with depression during pregnancy and after

To mark World Mental Health Day, we spoke with young mum, Leanne, about dealing with depression.

5 things I do to look after myself - by Henrietta

Young mum Henrietta shares with us the 5 things she does to look after herself.

Where to get support if you've been bereaved

Sharing your thoughts and feelings can help during a time of grief and some people decide to seek help from bereavement support services.

This is what postnatal depression looks like

"I was very ill. I felt suicidal. I felt my children would be better off without me."

Being me… and mum: 4 ways to de-stress on a budget

"To be a great parent, you need to have time to do things for you."