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Feeling pressures during pregnancy

Young mum at 20, Sarah, shares her experience of the external pressures that many women go through during pregnancy. My […]

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Difficult birth as a young mum: my daughter was worth it

Did you have a difficult birth as a young mum? Hollie talks about the birth of her daughter Beau, and the way her age affected her treatment. 

Telling religious parents you're pregnant: how it went for me

Young mum to Kendra, Alia shares some advice for telling strict parents that you're pregnant.

How we reacted to our pregnancy

Young couple, Rodney and Henrietta, share their initial thoughts on Henrietta's pregnancy news.

My midwife experiences

Young mum of two, Geneva, shares her midwife experiences.

What would you say to your pregnant self?

Hear our young parents answer 'What would you say to yourself when you first found out your were pregnant?'

Things I'd do differently with baby number two

Mum at 15, Jayde, shares what she'd like to differently with baby number two.

My pregnancy journey - by Tamera

Tamera has written about her pregnancy journey with both of her children.

How to tell your parents that you're pregnant

Young mum, Rianna, shares some tips for telling your parents that you're pregnant.

Telling family about my pregnancy

Follow young mum, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 4 of 4 vlogs.

My school was supportive during my pregnancy

Teen mum, Abi, shares how her school supported her during her pregnancy with daughter, Samantha.

Initial reactions to being pregnant at 14

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she first felt when she found out she was pregnant at 14.

Who I told first about my pregnancy

Young mum at 18, Opal, shares who she told first about her pregnancy.

Telling my partner that I wanted to keep our baby

Follow young mum, Cheree on her journey to motherhood. Part 3 of 4 vlogs.

I found my second pregnancy much harder

Young mum of two, Geneva, shares why she found her pregnancy with her second son, Luca more difficult.

Telling school I was pregnant

Follow young mum at 15, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 2 of 4 vlogs.

Finding out I was pregnant at 15

Follow young mum, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. In part 1 she talks about finding out she was pregnant at 15.

I had more than one midwife

Young mum, Leigh, speaks about her relationship with her midwives.

My experience of being pregnant at 14

Mum at 15, Natasha, shares her story and the prejudice she experienced as a young mum.

Finding support during pregnancy and after birth

Young mum, Leanne shares what makes her feel better when she has a down day.

My midwife experience - by Mia from Teen Mom UK

Mia, from Teen Mom UK, shares her midwife experience.

Losing and keeping friends during pregnancy

Young mum of 2, Shannon shares how her friendships have changed since becoming a parent.

Why I chose my baby's name

Young mums share how they choose their child's name.

Advice for second-time mums

Some advice for mums expecting their second baby from young mum, Alicia.

How I told my family I was pregnant

Young mum, Jess, offers advice to young parents who are scared or worried about sharing their pregnancy news.

Why I had a water birth

Young mum, Sophie, shares why a water birth was the best choice for her with both her son and daughter.

I chose a doula to be my birth partner

Young mum, Farrah, explains why a doula was the best birthing partner choice for her!

Falling pregnant at 17 during college

Young mum, Leanne, shares how she felt about falling pregnant whilst studying at college.

A message for my midwife

Young parents share a message for their midwife!

Don’t be scared to talk to your midwife

Young mum, Geneva, encourages young mums to be honest and open with their midwives!

I was judged whilst I was pregnant with my son

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she has dealt with being judged for being a young parent.

Moving away from my family during my pregnancy

Young mum, Jess, shares how she has found moving away from her family and in with her partner.

Who I told first about my pregnancy

Young mum, Nikiah, shares how important it is to share your pregnancy news with someone close!

The importance of support from teachers

Young mum, Sharmika, shares her experience of being pregnant at sixth form and college.

Preparing my daughter to be a big sister!

Young mum, Alicia, shares how she is preparing her daughter, Nijiah to become a big sister!

Maintaining friends and making new ones!

Young mum, Loren, shares how her relationship with her best friend changed during her pregnancy.

I had reduced movements during pregnancy

Young mum, Annabel, shares what happened when she had reduced movement during her pregnancy.

My two pregnancies were completely different!

Young mum of two, Shannon, shares the differences between her two pregnancies.

My experience of being a young mum at 16

Young mum, Jodie, shares her experience of becoming a mum at 15.

How I felt when I found out I was pregnant!

Young mum, Libby, shares how her and her boyfriend took their pregnancy news!

My complicated labour

Young mum, Harriet, shares her labour and birth story.

"I heard this beautiful, loud scream. 'He’s here!'" - Erin's birth story

Young mum, Erin, shares her birth story.

My pregnancy - young mum Erin's story

Young mum, Erin, shares her pregnancy story.

I had a good relationship with my midwife

Young mum, Richelle, talks about the really positive experience she had with her midwife

My advice for healthcare professionals - Sophie

Young mum of 2, Sophie, gives her advice to healthcare professionals working with young parents.

Ellie's home birth story

Young mum, Ellie, shares her home birth experience of second son, Oliver.

Sharmika's birth story

Sharmika, mum at 17, shares her birth and early post-birth story.

My friend was first to know I was pregnant!

Young mum, Leigh speaks about how her friendships changed when she became a mum to son, Jayden.

What I'm proud of as a young mum

We asked Alicia what she's most proud of as a young mum.

Preparing my son for his little brother

Young mum, Ellie, tells us how she is preparing her 2-year-old son, Isaac for his little brother.

How my midwife impacted my pregnancy - Ellie's experience

Young mum, Ellie shared with us her midwife experience during her pregnancy with her son Isaac.

My experience of living in a mother and baby unit

Young mum to Aveya, Leanne, spoke about her positive experience of living in a mother and baby unit.

Dealing with reactions to my pregnancy

Tamera, young mum to Lily, talks about how she dealt with reactions to her pregnancy.

How my midwife impacted my pregnancy - Sophie's experience

Sophie shares the different experiences she had for each of her pregnancies and how important it is to form a good relationship with your midwife.

Why go to antenatal classes for young parents?

All parents have worries or questions about birth and the weeks that follow, no matter what age you are, but antenatal classes can help alleviate those fears.

Pregnancy: the hidden truth

"The stuff people don't tell you. The stuff you would rather know now than find out one day."

The less you smoke, the smaller the risk of SIDS for your baby

The sooner you stop smoking, the better. But stopping even in the last few weeks of your pregnancy will benefit you and your baby.

What to pack in your hospital bag for birth

Young mum Serena takes us through what she found useful when she gave birth to her daughter.

What it's like to stay at a Teenage Pregnancy Unit

Emily is a young mum who went to Willowbrook Place, a Teenage Parent Unit (TPU) in Maidstone, when she was 17. Here she tells her story.

What I wish I’d known before I became a parent

"I know that kids are great for not doing what you want them to, so I’ve decided to shed the expectations, take every moment as it comes and just enjoy raising my children as best I can."

18 things I wish I'd known about pregnancy and giving birth

From leaky nipples and contractions to healing and umbilical cords: young mum Ellie explains...

6 things that surprised me about motherhood

"I always knew I'd love the babies but I never, ever imagined how intense it would be."

What happens at antenatal appointments? Morgan's experience

Young mum Morgan on how going to her antenatal appointments may have saved her baby’s life.

How I stopped smoking while I was pregnant

Young mum Shedenise talks about how she coped with cravings.

5 super-cute facts about your baby

5 things you probably didn't know about your baby!

Teen Mom UK episode 2 recap: Stephanie's verdict!

"My heart bleeds for Megan... how could he!!... and then have the nerve to propose to her."

Chloe from Teen Mom UK vlogs for us! "5 motherhood surprises"

Chloe Patton from MTV's Teen Mom UK vlogs for us on the 5 things that surprised her about pregnancy and motherhood... from being kicked in the ribs to leaky nipples!

The signs and symptoms of postnatal depression

Following mental health day earlier in the month, I thought I would write another blog about my own mental health.

"Now ain't the time to be having contractions!" Stephanie's birth story

In the final of our birth story vlogs, young mum Stephanie tells us all the details of when she gave birth to the lovely Joshua.

"I shouted 'My baby, my baby’s here!'" Ellie's birth story

Ellie's honest vlog about giving birth to baby Isaac.

"I could feel every... single... thing!" Richelle's birth story

"I was crouched down, walking to A&E; that's when I could feel every... single... thing!"

23 things to do and consider before you give birth

The moment those lines on a pregnancy test tell us we're going to have a baby, there's one that every parent-to-be feels: overwhelmed.

What contraception should I use after birth?

Young mum Charlotte on why she's planning her contraception options now, and also what contraception you can use after birth.

Feeling neglected and unwell

"Not long to go now, but I must admit this is the worst time I'm having."

How to tell strict parents you're pregnant: young mums' advice

"A month ago I found out I'm pregnant. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we are really nervous to tell our parents."

What does 'invalid' mean on a pregnancy test?

Abs wants to know: "I've taken 2 tests and they have both came up with invalid. All I really want to know is what this means?"

Young, pregnant and proud of it!

Young mum Sarah's advice for young parents worried about being judged.

Me, Ben and Bump: full-term and feeling it!

"Our little girl seems to wriggle even more now and when she moves my belly does a whole Mexican wave!"

Young mum Becca's birth story: "I'd do it again in a heartbeat"

"The universe has us on different paths for a reason, and I’m pretty happy with mine. It’ll never be perfect but it’s definitely, completely, 100% worth every second."

Me, Ben and Bump

"My pregnancy has brought people together it’s also shown me how people can change..."

Tips for studying and doing your exams while pregnant

Richelle's top tips for juggling pregnancy with studying for exams.

How my family reacted to my pregnancy

Richelle, 17, mum of one, shares how her family responded when she broke the news that she was pregnant with her son.