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Working together as a couple: Chloe from Teen Mom UK

How do you and your partner divide up the work in your house? Chloe from Teen Mom UK has some advice on working together with your partner. 

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Sex and relationships

Working together as a couple: Chloe from Teen Mom UK

How do you and your partner divide up the work in your house? Chloe from Teen Mom UK has some advice on working together with your partner. 

Telling religious parents you're pregnant: how it went for me

Young mum to Kendra, Alia shares some advice for telling strict parents that you're pregnant.

Tips for co-parenting

Mum at 15, Jayde shares her experience of co-parenting so far.

Spending time together as a couple since having children

Ellie shares how spending time with her partner has changed since becoming parents.

Telling my partner that I wanted to keep our baby

Follow young mum, Cheree on her journey to motherhood. Part 3 of 4 vlogs.

When co-parenting breaks down

Young dad, Ruben, reflects on his own co-parenting experience.

Thinking about contraception after giving birth

Young mum at 15, Jayde, speaks about the importance of thinking about contraception after giving birth.

Our relationship has become stronger since our son was born

Young couple Henrietta and Rodney reflect on how their relationship has changed since their son Kai was born.

How we're involving our children in our wedding

Young mum of 2, Sophie, shares how her children will be involved in their wedding plans.

My partner is a great dad!

Young mum, Henrietta, shares why she thinks her partner, Rodney is a great dad to their son, Kai!

Dealing with a break up and being a parent

Mia, from Teen Mum UK, shares how she has dealt with breaking up with her daughter, Marliya's dad.

Dealing with your partner moving on - Amber Teen Mom UK

Amber, from Teen Mom UK, shares how she is dealing with her partner, Ste, moving on.

Dating as a young mum

Young mum, Richelle tells us her own experience of dating and offers some advice.

Moving away from my family during my pregnancy

Young mum, Jess, shares how she has found moving away from her family and in with her partner.

When do you think you should introduce a new partner to your children?

Young mum of 2, Geneva, gives her opinion on when to introduce a new partner to your children.

How I felt when I found out I was pregnant!

Young mum, Libby, shares how her and her boyfriend took their pregnancy news!

10 things to do on Valentine's Day

10 ways you can spend Valentine’s with your little ones!

What's your ideal date?

We asked a few young parents what their ideal date would be!

How becoming a parent changes your relationship

We spoke to young mum, Sophie, about how her relationship with her partner changed after her daughter.

Advice for co-parenting at Christmas

Co-parenting can be tricky and sometimes Christmas can make things more complicated.

Pregnant together, friends forever!

Young mums, Megan and Tamera, met at college and found out they were pregnant in the same week!

The highs and lows of co-parenting

Amber, from Teen Mom UK, spoke to us about the highs and lows of co-parenting with her ex-boyfriend.

How our relationship has changed since having children

Young mum, Sophie reflects on how her relationship with her partner, Pat has changed since having children.

Tips for co-parenting experience

Young dad, Ruben speaks about the importance of communication when co-parenting.

Moving into our first family home

Young mum Henrietta lives with her partner Rodney and their son Kai. She shared with us how it's going.

Don't forget date night!

Thanks to Chloe Patton, from Teen Mom UK, for the reminder to not forget date night!

How becoming a mum impacted my friendships - Richelle's experience

Young mum Richelle, shares with us how becoming a parent impacted her friendships and how she was able to involve her friends in bringing up her son Zachary.

Coping with the 'Terrible Twos'

Discover how Amber, from Teen Mom UK, copes with the terrific and 'Terrible Twos!'

Dating as a young mum: what I’ve learned

Adding a baby to your family can put a strain on your relationship with your partner at the best of times, but what about when you add a new partner to an existing family unit?

Parenting hasn't been easy but here we are, together, 2 years later

"I knew that Liam would be an amazing father. However, I had no idea how a baby would impact our relationship."

How I make co-parenting work with my ex

Serena - young mum of Skye - explains the secrets behind her good co-parenting relationship with her ex and the lessons they've learned along the way.

The importance of dads: Stephanie's story of single parenthood

"In this generation we are so quick to give up on fathers an have the 'I can do it alone' mentality."

How to find your new home (with a little one in tow!)

So, we got an offer for a house and I am absolutely over the moon!

What contraception should I use after birth?

Young mum Charlotte on why she's planning her contraception options now, and also what contraception you can use after birth.