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Learning to Accept My Child’s Autism Diagnosis

Young mum, Emily Alexander, is opening up about the experience of learning to accept her child’s autism diagnosis.   Autism […]

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What's the best thing about being a parent for you?

What's the best thing about being a parent? Is it bedtime stories, playtime or cuddles? Our young parents told us theirs:

Looking back at Little Lullaby our young parent project

As Little Lullaby our young parent project draws to a close we share memories and ask our young parent volunteers what Little Lullaby meant to them

Don't listen to horror stories from other parents

Cheree's had her fair share of hearing horror stories from other parents, and she's learned not to listen and remember how well she's doing.

Dad bonding with babies - how Liam's coped as a young dad

Ellie talks about Liam's experience as a young dad bonding with babies, after the birth of their second son Oliver. It can be a challenge for dads.

What I wish I knew about pregnancy and birth

What do you wish you'd known about pregnancy and birth? From budgeting for baby to the labour itself, our young parents share their insights and what they wish they knew about pregnancy and birth. 

Being judged in public as a young mum - how I dealt with it

Sharmika experienced a lot of judgement when out in public with her son as a young mum. She talked to us about how she dealt with it. 

I went into labour at school - during my exams!

Falling pregnant at 15 was scary enough but when I found out my due date was the last week of my GCSES it was terrifying. I was scared i wouldn’t complete all of my GCSES. As it turned out I went into labour at school - during my exams.

Proudest moment as a mum - what's yours?

Our young parents share their proudest moment with their kids, and how that makes them feel as parents. 

Respect young mums regardless of age: getting chatted up

Opal found that she got a mixed reaction when she told guys she was a mum, she talks about why people should respect young mums.

Things I'd like to achieve next year

Hear what young mums, Hollie and Libby would like to achieve in 2019!

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

We asked a few of our young parents what their fave thing about Christmas is!

Feeling pressure at Christmas

Young mums, Libby and Sharmika, speak about some of the pressures they feel as a parent before Christmas.

How to do Christmas on a budget

Young mum to Delilah and Indiana, Sophie shares her tips for saving the pennies and pounds this Christmas!

The Lullaby Trust develops Baby Check app

The Lullaby Trust has developed a free app called Baby Check. Find out more!