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Juggling work and childcare as a young mum – Chloe Teen Mom UK

How do you find juggling work and childcare as a young mum? Chloe from Teen Mom UK talks about how she manages the balancing act. 

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Juggling work and childcare as a young mum - Chloe Teen Mom UK

How do you find juggling work and childcare as a young mum? Chloe from Teen Mom UK talks about how she manages the balancing act. 

How I went from benefits to work as a parent, credits to wages

This year Opal made the transition from benefits to work, with the help of her mum and her daughter's dad. She writes about making this shift.

Work and childcare: finding a job that works for you and your child

Chloe, from Teen Mom UK, shares her experience of securing a more flexible job.

How I chose my childminder

Young, working mum, Elsa spoke about how she chose her daughter, Zarah's child minder.

What I find most challenging as a working mum

Mum at 19, Elsa, shares what she finds most challenging as a young, working mum.

The challenges of getting a job as a young parent

Shilpa shares what she finds challenging about getting a job as a young mum of 2.

My career plans have changed since having children

Verona shared how her career plans have changed since becoming a young mum of 2.

My life and career plans have changed since having Zena’ya

Sassi, from MTV's Teen Mom UK speaks about how her life plans have changed since having her daughter Zena’ya.

Getting into work after having children

Young mum, Nelle speaks about getting back into work after having her son.

My experience of being a young mum at 16

Young mum, Jodie, shares her experience of becoming a mum at 15.

My advice for employers - by Libby

Young mum, Libby shares some advice for employers on how to better support expectant mums.

I became a midwife after I had my children

Fiona, mum at 19, shares how she became a midwife after having her babies.

Why I wanted to start my own business

Young mum, Henrietta shares why she wanted to start her own business after having her son, Kai.

Being a working, single dad

Ismail shared how his working life has changed since becoming the primary carer of his son.

How I balance work and family - Megan Teen Mom UK

Megan, from Teen Mom UK, shares her experience of balancing work and family and some advice so starting back to work.

It's not that easy - challenges I still face as a young mum

Find out more about the challenges Jayde faces as a young mum of 1. Here she talks about early mornings, education and work.

You're only 2 people away from achieving your dreams

"You're only 2 to 3 people away from the person that you wanna meet -- whether that's the president, whether that's the Queen, whether that's the mayor..."

What it's like to be treated differently as a young mum

Sophie on the challenges she faced when looking for work as a young mum, and how you can get free support if you're having similar problems.

Adjusting to life as a working mum: my experience

"I hope that I'm now giving her a little bit of inspiration; maybe being a bit more of a role model than I have been before."

6 tips for staying focused on your future as a young parent

"How are we supposed to stay motivated for something we’re looking to achieve 1, 2, 3, or even 5 years from now? No doubt it’s difficult. But it is doable."

Being a young student mum hasn't been an easy ride, but I survived

"I worked hard and studied, took my GCSEs in slow labour and achieved mostly As and Bs. Not too shabby for a girl with 'no prospects or future', hey?"

Young parents: never feel like you're going through it alone

"Young mums need to know that there are women who have been in their situations who've got their back."

The hardest part of my week as a working mum

Alex's honest video about the challenges that come with being a working mum.

Leaving your baby with a child minder: Richelle's experience

Young mum Richelle talks about how she felt leaving her son Zac with a child minder when she started college and her advice for finding one that you can trust.

How asking for flexible working hours changed my life

Sophie, now 28, tells us how standing up for herself at work made her more productive, happier and less stressed as a parent.

Confronting the challenges of life: Nadia's story

Nadia writes about the struggles she has met being a young woman and a young mother facing the world of work.

Get your work questions answered!

Get your question about returning to work after having a baby - or dealing with pregnancy at work - answered by an employment lawyer with Pregnant Then Screwed!

Being a student parent: how I balance college, work AND motherhood!

Richelle on the ups and downs of her journey and her advice on managing your priorities.

A day in the life of a young working mum

Young mum Linda lets us into her life as a working parent...

5 things I want to achieve in my 20s (and how I motivate myself)

"Having a baby at 15 was certainly a challenge... Yet here I am today, aged 23 and my son aged 8, living a wonderful life."

How to achieve anything as a young mum: Amber's advice

"If you've got your mind set on something then you need to go for it."

Teen Mom UK star Naomi vlogs for us! "My 3 biggest ambitions..."

"You can't stop me just because I've had a baby young. If anything it just motivates me to really do good for myself."

Managing stress as a working parent: Linda's advice

"I almost feel like a superwoman to be fair!"

How to establish a schedule and get more done!

Linda, who got pregnant when she was 17, gives her advice on establishing a schedule and how it helped her get more done as a working parent.

How to tell your employer that you're pregnant

Linda's advice on your rights as a working mum-to-be, plus where to go for help.

How to manage child care as a single parent: Linda's advice

"The thought of leaving my son with someone I didn't know was daunting..."

Dealing with 'working mum guilt': Linda's advice

Linda's shares her advice for dealing with the guilt that naturally comes with being a working parent.

There is no manual for parenthood, so never give up on your goals

"You are not a failure just because you may have to finish something you started a while ago."

Young mums have ambition and we are worthy of respect

"Being a young mum shouldn’t be a pass to be judged and walked over."

Your rights at work: Sophie's advice

Sophie's advice for young mums-to-be in work and the support she got from her employer.