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Learning to Accept My Child’s Autism Diagnosis

Young mum, Emily Alexander, is opening up about the experience of learning to accept her child’s autism diagnosis.   Autism […]

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Young parent stories

The importance of fellowship for young dads

Do you have a network of other young parents that support each other? Kevin reflects on the importance of fellowship for young dads. 

What impact has your mum had on your parenting?

What impact has your mum had on your parenting? Geneva talks about the lessons she's learned from her mum when it comes to her own parenting. 

Having a baby changes your relationship with your sister

Libby talks about how having a baby changes your relationship with your sister. Both she and her sister have babies the same age. 

Bedtime routine - how do you put your kids to bed?

Are they afraid of the dark or do they sleep right through? Young parents share their bedtime routine and how it can go well, and sometimes not perfectly. 

Being judged in public as a young mum - how I dealt with it

Sharmika experienced a lot of judgement when out in public with her son as a young mum. She talked to us about how she dealt with it. 

Proudest moment as a mum - what's yours?

Our young parents share their proudest moment with their kids, and how that makes them feel as parents. 

Working together as a couple: Chloe from Teen Mom UK

How do you and your partner divide up the work in your house? Chloe from Teen Mom UK has some advice on working together with your partner. 

Living alone with my daughter: the pros and cons

Elsa left home when she was pregnant and started living alone with her daughter. She explains the pros and cons.

My birth story - by Cheree

Mum at 15, Cheree shares her birth story.

What I'm most proud of as a young dad

We asked young dad, Ruben what he's most proud of as a young dad. Find out what he had to say!

"I felt I was treated differently as a dad"

Kai's dad, Rodney shares how he's been treated differently to his partner during pre and post natal appointments.

Dealing with a child who doesn’t sleep

Young mum of 2, Becca, shares her top tips to cope with a child who doesn't sleep!

Telling family about my pregnancy

Follow young mum, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 4 of 4 vlogs.

Telling school I was pregnant

Follow young mum at 15, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. Part 2 of 4 vlogs.

Top 5 tips for exams whilst pregnant or a new mum

Young mum and student Ciara gives some top exam tips for other young parents.

Finding out I was pregnant at 15

Follow young mum, Cheree, on her journey to motherhood. In part 1 she talks about finding out she was pregnant at 15.

'You can be a mum, happy and still win at life!’

Jenna gave birth to her first child at 16. She wants to help other young parents by sharing her experience.

I wanted to breastfeed for longer

Young mum, Libby writes about her breastfeeding experience.

Friendships can change when you become a parent

Friends and young mums, Tamera and Megan speak about how they're friendships have changed since becoming parents.

My experience of being pregnant at 14

Mum at 15, Natasha, shares her story and the prejudice she experienced as a young mum.

Advice for going through pregnancy on your own

Young mum, Annabel shares how she felt about facing pregnancy and motherhood as a single parent.

Experiencing anxiety after birth

Young mum, Sarah writes about her anxiety after the birth of her son, Leo.

Being a parent with a disability

Young mum, Sharmika writes about how she’s raising awareness of disabilities and illnesses.

How I overcame my postnatal depression

Young mum, Sylvia, shared her experience of overcoming postnatal depression.

Becoming a parent made me more determined to achieve my dreams

Young mum Ayesha, 21, talks about achieving her dreams!

You can still achieve so much after having children!

Listen to all the things young mum of 2, Geneva, has achieved since having her sons!

Advice for second-time mums

Some advice for mums expecting their second baby from young mum, Alicia.

Moving out at 16 with my son - Kaiya’s experience

Kaiya, mum at 16, shares her story of moving out at 16.

My daughter Delilah's first year

Young mum to Delilah, Libby, shares how her first year with her daughter has been.

I chose a doula to be my birth partner

Young mum, Farrah, explains why a doula was the best birthing partner choice for her!

I was judged whilst I was pregnant with my son

Teen mum, Kaiya, shares how she has dealt with being judged for being a young parent.

Moving away from my family during my pregnancy

Young mum, Jess, shares how she has found moving away from her family and in with her partner.

Who I told first about my pregnancy

Young mum, Nikiah, shares how important it is to share your pregnancy news with someone close!

My complicated labour

Young mum, Harriet, shares her labour and birth story.

"I heard this beautiful, loud scream. 'He’s here!'" - Erin's birth story

Young mum, Erin, shares her birth story.

My pregnancy - young mum Erin's story

Young mum, Erin, shares her pregnancy story.

I had a good relationship with my midwife

Young mum, Richelle, talks about the really positive experience she had with her midwife

My advice for college teachers - by Kaiya

Mum at 15, Kaiya, offers some advice for college teachers on how to better support young mums at college.

My advice for employers - by Libby

Young mum, Libby shares some advice for employers on how to better support expectant mums.

I became a midwife after I had my children

Fiona, mum at 19, shares how she became a midwife after having her babies.

What I find most challenging as a mum

Young mum, Sharmika, shared what she finds most challenging as a mum.

My experience of bonding late with my son

Young dad, Ismail offers advice to anyone who might be getting to know their child at a later stage.

My advice for sixth form teachers - by Shannon

Young mum of 2 daughters, Shannon, offers some advice to sixth form teachers.

Becoming the primary carer of my son

Kevin, dad at 17, talks about becoming the primary carer of his son.

I've been judged for being a young mum

Young mum at 16, Emily, shared her experience of being judged.

Sharmika's birth story

Sharmika, mum at 17, shares her birth and early post-birth story.

Have your New Year's Eve plans changed since having children?

We asked young parents how their New Year's Eve plans have changed, and what their plans are to see in 2018!

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

We asked a few of our young parents what their fave thing about Christmas is! 

What are your Christmas traditions?

Young parents share their family Christmas traditions with us.

What is a pushing present?

Young mum, Jess, shared with us what a pushing present is and what she got!

I went travelling in Australia with my 7-year-old!

Young mum, Charlotte, shared her experience of travelling in Australia with her 7-year-old son.

Completing my A levels at 9 months pregnant

Young mum at 17, Ellie, talks about completing her A Levels whilst 9 months pregnant.

How I dealt with depression during pregnancy and after

To mark World Mental Health Day, we spoke with young mum, Leanne, about dealing with depression.

My experience of living in a mother and baby unit

Young mum to Aveya, Leanne, spoke about her positive experience of living in a mother and baby unit.

Dealing with reactions to my pregnancy

Tamera, young mum to Lily, talks about how she dealt with reactions to her pregnancy.

Becoming a mum at 19 - Madison's story

Madison, young mum to Zarah, talks about becoming a mum at 19 including the challenges she's faced.

10 everyday challenges for parents of children with additional needs

Sometimes it can be hard for people to know what life can be like for children with additional needs and their parents, so here are some of the most common challenges me and my son Jayden face.

A year of cuteness! Our 2016 photo album

Here's to a 2017 filled cute smiles, giggles and happy mummies! Here are our favourite photos by young mums and dads from 2016.

6 things that surprised me about motherhood

"I always knew I'd love the babies but I never, ever imagined how intense it would be."

"You’re thrown in at the deep end": Lettie's advice for new mums

"You’ve got this big baby bump and everyone is staring at you. You just feel people are judging you because of your age."

Top 5 magic moments since becoming a mum: Mia from Teen Mom UK vlogs!

Mia's favourite moments since becoming a mum to little Marliya.

5 challenges all single mums will understand (and how I coped)

"Seeing my son happy, healthy and constantly smiling was a constant reminder of what a great job I was doing."

Teen Mom UK puts young mums in the spotlight!

The five young mums will set out to show that age is just a number when it comes to parenting.

The signs and symptoms of postnatal depression

Following mental health day earlier in the month, I thought I would write another blog about my own mental health.

"Now ain't the time to be having contractions!" Stephanie's birth story

In the final of our birth story vlogs, young mum Stephanie tells us all the details of when she gave birth to the lovely Joshua.

The importance of dads: Stephanie's story of single parenthood

"In this generation we are so quick to give up on fathers an have the 'I can do it alone' mentality."

"I shouted 'My baby, my baby’s here!'" Ellie's birth story

Ellie's honest vlog about giving birth to baby Isaac.

Living with family: the ups and downs!

"Living with family is a joy, its a pain, it's amusing, it's sad: it's all of the above and more."

"I could feel every... single... thing!" Richelle's birth story

"I was crouched down, walking to A&E; that's when I could feel every... single... thing!"

Dealing with 'working mum guilt': Linda's advice

Linda's shares her advice for dealing with the guilt that naturally comes with being a working parent.

4 things you'll hear as a young parent (and how to deal with them)

"Planning my life around fatherhood wasn't impossible. But I hadn’t prepared for the reactions of my friends and family."

Boobs, breast pumps and biscuits: my breastfeeding experience

"The bond and closeness I feel with my son when I breastfeed him is indescribable and I feel happy that I’m giving him the best start I can give him."

What contraception should I use after birth?

Young mum Charlotte on why she's planning her contraception options now, and also what contraception you can use after birth.

Feeling neglected and unwell

"Not long to go now, but I must admit this is the worst time I'm having."

Being a mum-of-two is not easy, but it's 100% worth it

"Being a mum of two has changed my life even more than I thought it was going to..."

30 reasons I love being a young mum

"I had MSN as a teenager so I’ve experienced the perks and pitfalls of being a kid with a social media account."

How to tell strict parents you're pregnant: young mums' advice

"A month ago I found out I'm pregnant. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we are really nervous to tell our parents."

Young, pregnant and proud of it!

Young mum Sarah's advice for young parents worried about being judged.

Me, Ben and Bump: full-term and feeling it!

"Our little girl seems to wriggle even more now and when she moves my belly does a whole Mexican wave!"

Young mum Becca's birth story: "I'd do it again in a heartbeat"

"The universe has us on different paths for a reason, and I’m pretty happy with mine. It’ll never be perfect but it’s definitely, completely, 100% worth every second."

Me, Ben and Bump

"My pregnancy has brought people together it’s also shown me how people can change..."

Young mums have ambition and we are worthy of respect

"Being a young mum shouldn’t be a pass to be judged and walked over."

I’m working for me and my son's future

I can’t pretend that it's easy. But I enjoy shooting down all those “your life is over” comments...

29 weeks pregnant and thinking about home birth

young mum, Charlotte shares why she wants a water birth

28 weeks pregnant at 19: my young mum story

Well seeing as this is my first blog I shall let you know a bit about me and my situation. I am Charlotte and found out I was pregnant when I was 18.

Breastfeeding my son wasn’t as easy as I hoped

Young mum Ellie shares with us the difficulties she faced when she first started breastfeeding her son, Isaac, and how she was supported by specialists, family and other breastfeeding mums.

How my family reacted to my pregnancy

Richelle, 17, mum of one, shares how her family responded when she broke the news that she was pregnant with her son.

Losing Archie

Young mum Loren talks about losing her first son Archie to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the work she is doing to help reduce the risk for other young parents.